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illegal immigration

  1. J

    A small, but welcome piece of news: Biden may not end Title 42 on May 23rd

    See Court blocks Biden from lifting Title 42 border restrictions on May 23 "The restrictions, known as Title 42, allow authorities to expel nearly all migrants from the border in the interest of stopping the spread of COVID-19. The states of Missouri, Arizona and Louisiana brought suit earlier...
  2. J

    Biden encourages and participates in invasion at our southern border.

    . See:Fox News footage shows mass release of single adult migrants into US Jan. 23, 2022 ”Fox witnessed men go into a small, unmarked office, then re-emerge moments later as multiple taxi cabs then showed up to collect the migrants – who were then shuttled off to nearby Harlingen Airport...
  3. J

    Look what the Democrat Party Leadership has done to democrat voters.

    . The DPL (Democrat Party Leadership) has caused the price of gasoline to skyrocket to an average price of $3.76 per gallon, up about $1.25 per gallon since the Biden Administration took office. Because of the DPL’s policies which have caused the sharp rise in gas prices, the cost of almost...
  4. J

    Why is our mainstream media not reporting on the consequences of illegal immigration?

    . Isn’t is odd that after over 1.5 million poverty stricken poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, infected and criminal illegal entrants have been released into our nation’s interior in the last several months, that there are no stories appearing in our mainstream media how hospital emergency...
  5. J

    Mass immigration and the spread of infectious diseases

    If you don’t think the current mass immigration is a threat to the general welfare of the United States and her citizens, 18 percent of migrant families leaving Border Patrol custody tested positive for Covid, document says Aug. 7, 2021 WASHINGTON — More than 18 percent of migrant families...
  6. J

    The spreading of Covid, Illegal immigration, and “harboring” being a criminal offense

    See: 25K fully vaccinated people statewide have tested positive for COVID-19, DeSantis says August 03, 2021 MIAMI, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis said about 25,000 fully vaccinated people statewide have tested positive for COVID-19. DeSantis also said there has been a reduction of more than 70% in...
  7. J

    Biden Administration misappropriates over $2 billion in federal funds to finance his immigration policies.

    See Biden Admin Diverts $2 Billion from Healthcare Programs to Help Illegal Migrant Children May 18, 2021 “The $2.13 billion in funds that were redirected to the federal unaccompanied children program is more than its operating budget for the last two years, according to Politico. HHS took an...
  8. J

    Central America’s poverty stricken invasion of southern border draws National Guard

    See Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey sending National Guard to southern border April 20, 2021 “Arizona is the first state to declare an emergency related to the widening border crisis. Border Patrol agents made about 168,000 arrests at the border in March, compared with about 71,000 in December.” The...
  9. The Original Tree

    1 Million Man Deportation Force

    The President needs to use his Emergency Powers & Declare a National Emergency and Declare an Imminent Threat to our Elections and Democracy and do a Mass Deportation of about 20 Million Illegals in the next 6 Months. He just got another $1.4 Billion for The Wall, but a Wall is not enough...
  10. The Original Tree

    Boycott, Divest and Sanction California

    California is really no Longer Part of America. It does not abide by our laws and traditions. It illegally attempts to negotiate trade deals and unconstitutional treaties with Foreign Nations. It's Sanctuary State Status is Unconstitutional and is in violation of Immigration Law. It's...
  11. J

    Open borders, the census, sanctuary states, and the rule of apportionment

    As we have seen firsthand, California, which happens to be a communist/socialist sanctuary State and openly encourages illegal immigration, gets the most number of Representatives [53 votes] in the House of Representatives because of our Constitution’s rule of apportionment, a rule which...
  12. J

    AOC’s squad of four should listen to Bernadette Lancelin: worry about America’s children!

    It is absolutely stunning, in addition to being disgusting, how this gang of four, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, have more compassion for illegal entrants and their children than they do for American citizens and their children. To get an idea of the...
  13. The Original Tree

    Mexican Drug Cartels Smuggling Diamonds In Immigrant's Butt Cavities

    This brings the term "Butt Hurt" to an all new level for Left Tards who want open borders. I am pretty sure he was on his way to see Nancy Pelosi to make a deposit for The DNC election campaign in 2020. New Mexico man arrested after police allegedly find dozens of diamonds in anal cavity A...
  14. The Original Tree

    ISIS member tasked with 'bringing in migrants'

    The Next 911 Is Being Planned As We Speak! I have been telling people this. ICE and Border Patrol have been telling you they are capturing people on Terrorist Watch Lists at our Border. They so called Refugee Crisis, Caravans, Asylum Seekers, and Lax Border Policies and weak Immigration...
  15. DigitalDrifter

    ROTFLOL!! White House considered dumping illegals in Dim controlled sanctuary cities

    Oh god I wish they would have went through with this ! :auiqs.jpg: TRUMP EFFECT[/paste:font] White House considered dumping migrants in 'sanctuary cities' ICE lawyers rejected proposals to bus detained immigrants to Nancy Pelosi's district and other Democratic cities, The Washington Post...
  16. The Original Tree

    Sanctuary Status is a State & Local Program, and needs to be funded by State & Local Resources.

    This will eventually be the finding in Federal Court when Sanctuary Status for Cities and States is Challenged and appealed to the Supreme Court. The Federal Government does not Recognize nor does it have Sanctuary Status Programs. States and Cities are required to abide by Federal...
  17. J

    Delegation of legislative power and the National Emergencies Act

    . Keep in mind when reading the following, we are talking about The National Emergencies Act, and specifically 10 U.S. Code Section 2808 and 33 U.S. Code Section 2293. which delegate certain powers to the President under a declared emergency. The rule is, a legislature may not delegate to...
  18. The Original Tree

    UK Stabbings Epidemic Being Called a National Emergency: Coming to America

    Violence in America in certain areas is escalating. Places like Chicago, Maryland and areas all across America where just a few decades ago, were safe, are increasingly becoming War Zones. But unlike The UK, who is in a very desperate situation, and who primarily is leaving The UK because of...
  19. The Original Tree

    Another DemNazi Voter goes to jail for killing then stuffing his girlfriend in a suitcase

    DemNazis are having a bad week. First Trump nails SOTU, then crushes his rally in El Paso. Warren is outted again as a liar and phoney, DemIslamoNazism and Antisemitism is on full display. The horrors of baby killing on full display, misogynist libtard art display shows Ivanka Trump look...
  20. The Original Tree

    Fentanyl as an WMD: Mexican National Busted at Border with enough to KILL 57 Million Americans!

    I am calling on THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, CONGRESS, DEA, FBI, DOJ, NSA, THE US MILITARY, AND PRESIDENT TRUMP to declare Fentanyl as a Weapon of Mass Destruction and as a Dangerous Chemical Weapon! When you need to kill 57 Million Americans to make your Socialist Dystopia Happen, you of course...
  21. The Original Tree

    Texas Cops Shot Up By Mexican Drug Cartels: Lefty Laughs & then gets Measels

    Do you think it's funny Nancy Pelosi? Do you Socialist DemNazis think increasing numbers of cops being shot and murdered is pleasurable, and gratifying to you? After all, you marched in front of the cameras, telling us what you really wanted. Dead Cops and Right Now! Do you find it amusing...
  22. The Original Tree

    Batman & The Rule of Law: Political Relevance

    Many people watch a movie like Batman Begins, and gloss right over some of the truths spoken in such a film, or in the comic books. Batman is the way he is, because of injustice, and not because of cruelty or a desire for vengeance, but because of the weak resolve of others who fail to act, and...
  23. The Original Tree

    The 1860s Called and they want their Social Policy Back!

    Here is The Democrat Platform in a Nutshell. They are still practicing The Politics of Slavery 160 years after The Civil War is over. What are they raging about now? A Damn Wall to limit the flood of Illegal Undocumented Brown People coming in the The US That The Elite Left needs to work on...
  24. The Original Tree

    The Democrat Party's Problematic Alliances With Radical Islam and Illegal Aliens

    The Democrat Party is no longer "The Party of JFK" who was an "America First President" much like we have with Donald Trump. America and American Citizens are last on the list in The Democrat Party's platform if they appear on the list at all. From their continual insistence in importing...
  25. OKTexas

    Latino Support For Trump Up 19% In Dec

    Who would have thunk, isn't the MSM claiming the GOP would lose support from the Latino community? 50 percent of Latinos support the job Trump is doing, a significant jump from the 31 percent who had the same answer in a December poll. Marist Poll: Trump's Latino Support Jumps 19 Points So...
  26. The Original Tree

    52% of Our Border Patrol Agents are Hispanic & 100% of them want The Wall!

    If you think our Hispanic American Citizens here in the USA don't oppose Illegal Immigration you are either tragically stupid and uninformed or you are just a LIAR. All 16 patrol districts on the border were recently asked to submit proposals to the White House to mitigate the illegal...
  27. The Original Tree

    Time to Lock & Load The Veto Cannon!

    No more Mr. Nice guy. If the President cannot get Congress to fund infrastructure projects like a border wall, then no need for him to go along just to get along. Dust off the VETO.
  28. P@triot

    The left’s #1 “leader” contradicts their entire position on illegals!

    Oh Hitlery. Oh Hitlery, Hitlery, Hitlery! You can’t say what your party is thinking when your party is all about their false narratives! This is politics 101 sweetie. Get a handle on “immigration”? people are pushing border 24x7. You’re even adamant that people have a right to...
  29. The Original Tree

    Epidemic: How America is Importing an Abduction & Sex Trafficking Epidemic

    If you haven't been paying attention, young girls and women, and young boys in America are beginning to disappear without a trace. There is a pipeline now in America that follows the same pipeline of Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Meth and Phentanyl in to The United States back in to Mexico. Latin...
  30. The Original Tree

    The Blue Wave, Normandy Beach & Fundamentally Changing America

    Did you ever wonder where The Democrat Party came up with the phrase "Blue Wave"? Its a combination of things, but primarily they borrowed the idea from THE US INVASION in WWII of Normandy Beach where US troops; stormed Normandy with wave after wave of US Soldiers until we overwhelmed the...

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