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  1. The Original Tree

    Biden's America: Young 27 year old woman with baby behind on rent and bills walks in front of a train.

    Don't let the lies coming from The Biden Administration fool you. He set us down this path towards a Green Scam Economy, and Regulation Hell. Banning the gasoline engine by 2035, trying to ban us from eating meat among other idiotic bleeding heart insanity schemes are destroying this country's...
  2. The Original Tree

    The Biden Regime wants to Illegally Outlaw The American Sports Car and Muscle Car

    Have you taken a look at the prices of used and new vehicles in the United States, specifically Sports and Muscle cars? Holy Inflation Batman! This is not being driven by so called supply chain issues, but is being driven by panic buying due to illegal mandates coming out of the illegitimate...
  3. ding

    Is there anything more effective at squelching global warming talk than $4 gasoline?

    Just curious what others think. Is there anything that is more effective at squelching talk of global warming than $4 gasoline? If so, why is that and what does it say about us? If not, what is?
  4. P@triot

    The next time the left screams about “scientists”

    Just remind them that are so naïve and gullible.
  5. The Original Tree

    You Will Never Rid Yourself Of The Marxist Mask

    Our freedoms are being crushed and without representation or our consent. We fought the British over such things as quartering us in our own homes, and restricting our movements, curfews, oppressive taxes and business restrictions. If you do not want to read what I have to say, and are merely...
  6. toobfreak

    This Will Be The Test For Man Made Climate Change

    Due to the lockdowns of 2020 and so much less human activity and travel, the world's CO2 level has dropped by 7% globally with the USA putting out 12% less with over 3 billion tons less CO2 going into the air and this trend will continue for some time. If what all the global warming alarmists...
  7. Robert Urbanek

    Global warming may end by 2036

    Global warming may end by 2036, according to an ancient Egyptian cycle that predicts the future. Thus, spoke the sun god Re: "I am Khepera at the dawn, and Re at noon, and Tem in the evening." Khepera rolls the sun across the sky like the scarab rolls a ball of dung. He has the power of...
  8. Robert Urbanek

    It is afternoon in America

    The 1984 presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan proclaimed, “It’s morning again in America.” Times have changed. Instead of the “shining city on a hill” envisioned by Reagan, our nation has become a tarnished, corrupt slum. It is now afternoon in America. The falling sun is harsh and...
  9. Invisibleflash

    Ignorant kid...humans can't live sustainably unless there is a 95% die off.

    Ignorant kids...humans can't live sustainably unless there is a 95% die off. Do you know what sustainable living is kids? Back in the day the people cut down trees to make houses. They burned trees for heat and to cook. They hunted animals for food. They didn't make much impact upon nature. In...
  10. EvilEyeFleegle

    'How dare you?' Thunberg asks world leaders at UN

    Speaking truth to power..poor girl will be lucky to make 20: 'How dare you?' Greta Thunberg asks world leaders at UN "A visibly angry Greta Thunberg berated world leaders as she addressed a UN climate summit on Monday, accusing them of betraying her generation by failing to tackle greenhouse...
  11. deanrd

    asteroid collision 470 million years ago caused Earth to freeze over

    Before this research the cause of the ice age was a mystery according to the paper published in Science Advances “Our hypothesis is that the large amounts of extraterrestrial dust over a timeframe of at least 2 million years played an important role in changing the climate on Earth...
  12. JGalt

    The world is going dark tonight

    Alright you leftist eco-wankers! Tonight is your chance to do something good for the earth and make yourselves feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Tonight is the yearly "Earth Hour." That's where you're supposed to turn off everything and sit in your cold, dark houses from 8:30 PM until 9:30 PM...
  13. The Original Tree

    One Area We Can Agree With on The Green New Deal: Geophysical Energy

    Before those of you who do not know me accuse me of being a Liberal, a Global Warmer, or a Globalist, let me tell you that I do not at all agree with Anthropological Global Warming. Climate Change has been here before man, and it will be here after man. I also am no fan of The Green New Deal...
  14. Astrostar

    Global warming

    So, with the cold setting in today and tomorrow, Trump tweets "What the hell is going on with Global Warming?" Well, Trump, it's beyond your intelligence level to understand. It's the long term trend, as in the last four years were the warmest recorded on the planet. Remember when Repub...
  15. ding

    Is man responsible for Global Warming (ding vs Sealybobo)

    Sealybobo has asserted that man is destroying the planet through carbon emissions. I assert that our present temperature is with the norm of previous interglacial cycles and that atmospheric CO2 reinforces climate change but does not drive climate change. So the topic in our debate is... Is...
  16. The Original Tree

    Climate Change Agenda Revolt and Riots in France

    Coming soon to a town near you. This was where Obama was headed, and had Hitlery got elected, she would have continued the war on coal and energy. Full Story at the link below. 'Something's Broken Within Our Society': Farage on Paris Riots, 'Disconnect' Between Elites and Ordinary People...
  17. Cellblock2429

    A $240 per gallon gas tax to fight the global warming hoax.

    A new U.N. report suggests a $240 per gallon gas tax equivalent is needed to fight global warming. The U.N. says a carbon tax would need to be as high as $27,000 per ton in the year 2100. If you think that’s unlikely to ever happen, you’re probably right. /-----/ A United Nations special...
  18. toobfreak

    2017 Apparent Fluke Rather Than Forecast For The Future?

    The 2017 season was a clear and certain forecast for the grave outlook for our future, thanks to man-made climate change, except that now they've downgraded the very next year 2018 as being below average! Despite all of the supposed global warming, it turns out that the Atlantic has become...
  19. Lookout

    Geoengineering Truth everyone should know (if you are one that can handle the truth)

    Climate change. Global warming. Ice caps melting. Geoengineering itself to blame. I know i don't comment on others posts, if that makes me a troll then so be it. I am too busy doing research to do so. I do research until I turn blue...I do the math! I can only do so much and can only reach so...
  20. Fort Fun Indiana

    What REALLY terrifies climate scientists: "Feedback"

    Climate scientists have confidence in a few things, for instance: the minimum amount of warming the climate will experience in the next 100 years, the primary driver of the observed, rapid warming, and the fact that the oceans are acidifying. But, what terrifies scientists is not "the known"...
  21. The Original Tree

    America IS The Lynch Pin Hindering The Spread Of Globalism

    One must Fundamentally Change America from a Nation based on Individual Liberties, to a Nation responsive and compliant with Collectivist Ideologies if America is to become part of The New World order and Subservient to a Globalist Government. This was the goal of Marxist Socialist Globalist...
  22. S

    From Global Warming/Climate Change To Global Sunday Laws

    You have got to check this video out. The global climate change movement has not met a halt simply because Donald Trump is in office. Donald Trump is simply giving the power to Christians that are needed, so that with the global climate movement, they can enforce Sunday laws. And not only that...
  23. R

    Poem: Global warming could be good for some parts of the world. We The Saharawi

    We The Saharawi Of The Desert We the Saharawi of the desert welcome climate change Could be good for you, could be bad for you We of the scorched earth would like to see some rain Rain, rain, oh rain Rain in the Sahara How we so desire The brown dusty earth sprouting in green Beautiful...
  24. ding

    IPCC Models have been Proven to be Wrong

    I am trying to compile all of the times the IPCC projections have been proven wrong or lowered. Please share your data so that we can have one location that houses their modeling failures Their models are wrong. Near-term global surface temperature projections in IPCC AR5 | Climate Lab Book...
  25. MindWars

    Edward Snowden Reveals CIA ‘Invented’ Global Warming Scam

    NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has claimed that he possesses classified information that proves the CIA is behind the “Global Warming scam”. Edward Snowden Reveals CIA ‘Invented’ Global Warming Scam The reason many are connecting the dots is because many whistle blowers have come forward...
  26. P@triot

    ISIS is alive, Solyndra is dead

    Astounding audio taking you through the very short yet brutally effective history of ISIS. As you will hear in the audio, ISIS funds their terrorism to the tune of over $2 billion per year from oil wells that they have taken control of. When asked why Obama didn't direct U.S. military forces to...
  27. woz75

    How to Explain Climate Change to Neanderthals

    How To Explain Climate Change To A Neanderthal There...a severely DUMBED down explanation for the slower folks who just can't seem to grasp the concept
  28. washamericom

    global warming: "if what we think we can understand is correct"

    i just heard a JPL scientist say we are able to study and see "if what we think we can understand is correct" and that will help develop models for the future. Home Page - Deep Space Network and this is fine, i am really glad they are studying and playing with computer models. i don't want this...

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