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  1. WarmPotato

    The Horrors Of The Free Speech Coalition

    The Free Speech Coalition is a California Lobbying group known for its work with the porn industry. Its publicly listed stances are being anti-condom, anti-STD testing, and anti-records keeping. This ties into their legal battles such as with Statute 2257 of the Child Protection and Obscenity...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    Good Friday- A Legal Holiday in 12 US States. Why?

    I am appalled that Good Friday- a Christian Religious Holiday- is an official state holiday in 12 states, including my state of New Jersey, where state employees are given a paid day off at the expense of taxpayers. There is no other religion that gets such a holiday New Jersey also grants...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    What are the Limits of Free Speech?

    I have a serious question for everyone. All rights have limitations and free speech is no exception. The question is, does the example below cross the line. Does it violate what should be allowed because it can be interpreted as inciting violence? A second question which may complicate the...
  4. TheProgressivePatriot

    U.S Supreme Court Rules to Allow a 40 Foot Christian Cross to Remain on State Property

    Here is an interesting First Amendment church-state issue that was recently before the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) It’s a contentious issue but even a partisan hack like myself, who is skeptical of all things religious, can see both sides of- Sort of. Supreme Court Allows 40-Foot Peace Cross on...
  5. TheProgressivePatriot

    Satanic Temple Wins IRS Rccognition as a Tax Exempt Church

    Satanic Temple Wins Official IRS Recognition As Tax-Exempt Church As announced by Church leaders: It's a great day for religious freedom in America! And by the way, before anyone has apoplexy, they do not believe in of worship Satan
  6. JGalt

    Next up on House agenda: Investigating Trump's Attacks On 'Fake News' Media

    Apparently the House Democrats have taken up the issue of President Trump attacking their propaganda machine, and believe that he must be stopped. In a bold move just to show how they're overplaying their hand, the House Democrats reportedly are planning to open an official investigation into...
  7. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Neo-Nazis Have No First Amendment Right to Harassment, Judge Rules

    There are two other cases of note mentioned in the article By Karen Zraick Nov. 15, 2018 A lawsuit accusing the publisher of the neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer of coordinating a “terror campaign” of online harassment against a Jewish real estate agent cannot be dismissed on First Amendment...
  8. Pogo

    Spicer Threatens the Free Press

    Note the forum: "US Constitution" -- not Current Events or Politics. This is not (particularly) a story about Sean Spicer. It is a story about the First Amendment and whether it can be curtailed at will. Spicer Threatens Legal Action over AP Report >> Former White House press secretary Sean...
  9. deanrd

    If Trump doesn't agree with you, free speech is a stunt, if he agrees, it's a first amendment right.

    Just now watching Sarah Huxster Sanders and she said the Baker winning his case was a great victory for the first amendment and the White House congratulates him. But, The NFL players protesting unarmed blacks being shot dead for what seems no reason besides walking while black is a stunt...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    Lesbian Couples Sues Government For Inability To Foster Refugee Child

    There is something rotten in Texas. There are Children in need of homes and these women are ready, willing and able to prove one, but are not being allowed to do so. They wanted care for an older children who are hard to place. In addition, of the women is an attorney with an expertise in...
  11. Pogo

    This Date in Bigotry: Jews Expelled from TN, KY and MS

    December 17, 1862: Major General Ulysses S. Grant, who would become President of the United States six years later, issued the infamous General Order No 11, expelling all Jews from the Union-controlled district comprising Tennessee and Kentucky west of the Tennessee River, and parts of northern...
  12. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Reps. for Facebook, Google, & Twitter squirm as Ted Cruz grills them on curating trending news

    We need a constitutional amendment to make the first amendment apply to the internet.
  13. American_Jihad

    The Media is the Greatest Enemy of a Free Press

    Most of the media is the dumbocratic hive/party of libtart rabidness agenda... The Media is the Greatest Enemy of a Free Press When the White House fights the media cartel, it’s upholding a free press. July 3, 2017 Daniel Greenfield ... And the only people entitled to practice the...
  14. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Jello Biafra's 1987 obscenity trial aka liberal Tipper Gore's censorship crusade

    His account of the trial: Jello Biafra decimating Tipper Gore on Oprah a few years after he "won" the trial: The prosecutor's thoughts looking back at the trial (starts at about 28:45): Know Your Enemy One thing that seemed really telling in Jello's account is how they went after everyone...
  15. TheProgressivePatriot

    A Porn-Free America?

    Oh the hypocrisy!!! A Porn-Free America? Republicans Pledge Expurgation Of ‘Public Health Does anyone really believe that porn is a public health crisis?? Does anyone really believe that Trump believes that???
  16. MindWars

    Jeff Bewkes first amendment did not come from Trump

    TIME WARNER CEO: The 'real threat' to the First Amendment came from Democrats, not Trump Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes told Business Insider's Henry Blodget on Tuesday that the "real threat" to the First Amendment did not come from President-elect Donald Trump during the campaign, but rather from...
  17. 320 Years of History

    Okay, first amendment defenders, tell me this...

    Just how do you figure that free speech in the U.S. is effectively dead? We have the blogosphere wherein one can find any and everything imaginable that one might want to say or read about. There's no topic that one cannot find covered on television or discussed on the radio. There's no topic...
  18. TheProgressivePatriot

    Should Good Friday be a Government Holiday ?

    It is the start of the week leading up to the Christian holiday of Easter- the day that Christians believe that Christ was resurrected from the dead, preceded by Good Friday, when it is believed that Christ was crucified. I wish my Christian brethren a happy holiday and respect their beliefs...

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