1. TheHardTruth

    The Oscars are no longer relevant.

    According to UPI (1) " The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced new representation and inclusion standards that Best Picture nominees must meet at the Oscars.. The changes, as part of the Academy Aperture 2025 initiative, are designed to ensure that Best Picture nominees...
  2. ding

    The Visible World

    The following are my beliefs which in part come from my faith. I believe God created the material world and everything in it. Please feel free to discuss. God himself created the visible world in all its richness, diversity and order. Scripture presents the work of the Creator symbolically as a...
  3. P@triot

    The doctrine of the Democrats disintegrates right before our eyes

    The left would have you believe they are committed to "diversity". The force institutions to implement "Diversity Officers". They force corporations to meet a certain level of minority interviews and hires. And yet...when given the golden opportunity to nominate a minority to run against...
  4. ChemEngineer

    Colleges Dupe Parents and Taxpayers

    Colleges Dupe Parents and Taxpayers | Frontpage Mag Colleges have been around for centuries. College students have also been around for centuries. Yet, college administrators assume that today's students have needs that were unknown to their predecessors. Those needs include diversity and...
  5. Street Juice

    Yeah, I'm a white nationalist. Here's why.

    I am a nationalist because humans group. We group according to our race, our gender, our culture, our religion, our language, our politics, our education, our occupation, our region, our age, and in many other ways. We also group according to nation. All groupings carry the potential for...
  6. DOTR

    Oh Canada! (RIP)

    . More diversity please! Toronto Police Service :: To Serve and Protect
  7. deanrd

    Do people under 30 hate the republican party?

    The Coming G.O.P. Apocalypse The generation gap is even more powerful when it comes to Republicans. To put it bluntly, young adults hate them. In 2018, voters under 30 supported Democratic House candidates over Republican ones by an astounding 67 percent to 32 percent. A 2018 Pew survey found...
  8. toobfreak

    Trump, the 'Racist's' Racist, Now Undoing College Racism

    They love to call Trump a misogynist when all the evidence points to the very opposite, so the new trend is to call him a "racist" even as he undoes all the racism of the previous administration so that once again, universities hire based on QUALIFICATION rather than skin-color! Trump to urge...
  9. American_Jihad

    The military demands results, not diversity

    Weather in the military or prison Taxpayer money should not be used, go fund me or get soros to pay for it... THE TRANSGENDER BAN ISN’T FAIR. NEITHER IS WAR The military demands results, not diversity. July 27, 2017 Daniel Greenfield The ban on transgender service that President Trump...
  10. P@triot

    The Republican Party

    Donald Trump has appointed an Indian-American woman (Nikki Haley) as UN Ambassador, a woman (Betsy DeVos) as Secretary of Education, an Asian-American woman (Elaine Chao) as Secretary of Transportation, an African-American man (Dr. Ben Carson) as Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, and an...
  11. cnelsen

    Dear Broadway Diversity: Hamilton opposed diversity (hahaha)

    Hamilton opposed diversity and authored "whites only" immigration bill! Friday night VP-Elect Mike Pence and family took an evening off from the Trump Transition to attend the hottest Broadway musical of the era, Hamilton. The rich people in attendance relentlessly booed Pence for profaning...
  12. OldLady

    Yale Students: No More Old White Male Writers!

    You can't stop teaching the "old white male writers" and still have an education in English literature! Too much subsequent literature refers back to their works, either implicitly or explicitly. Besides, some of the writers on the list are too cool to jettison. Demands to broaden the canon...
  13. Maggdy

    Green Card Lottery, help?

    "Our State Department Web site for the 2017 Diversity Visa program (DV-2017) is now open. The entry submission period for DV-2017 is from 12:00PM EDT (GMT -4) on October 1, 2015 to 12:00PM EST (GMT -5) on November 3, 2015. The entry form will only be available for submission during this period...

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