1. D

    Discussion about Ukraine during Biden-Trump debate

    During the Biden-Trump debate last week, the subject of Ukraine figured prominently. The words “Ukraine” and “Ukrainian” were used 25 times during the debate. Below I would like to draw your attention to some points.
  2. The Duke

    Tonights Debate live 6-27-24

    This is for the debate tonight. Let's do some running commentary! Oh boy! It's Jake Tapper! SNOE I recommend this CBS link over the 1st one.
  3. J

    AOC continues to avoid debating Tina Forte, which conservative media ignores. Why?

    . It really is shameful that AOC appears to be chickening out of a debate with Tina Forte where AOC would have to defend her dangerous and un-American policies, such as: • Why has she called for the defunding of NYC’s Police Department when street crime is skyrocketing out of control in her...
  4. J

    Will AOC agree to two debates with Tina Flore, her Republican Challenger for NY’s 14th Cong. District?

    Here is why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who is a registered member of the Democratic Socialists of America SOURCE will not debate Tina Forte, her Republican challenger for New York’s 14th Congressional District ___ AOC cannot defend her two-headed Washington, D.C., swamp snake hypocrisy...
  5. J

    Could Joe Biden be correct about us having a “dark winter”?

    During last night’s debate, Joe Biden warned “We’re about to go into a dark winter”. . . Of course, any thinking person who has heard Biden’s commitment to shut down our fossil fuel industry,[coal, gas, oil and end fracking] which provides the fuel for our nation’s power plants that heat...
  6. J

    Trump compliments moderator Kristen Welker, gives credit where credit is due!

    As I listened to last nights’ debate, I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the moderator, Kristen Welker, to use her position to tip the scale in Joe Biden’s favor, as was arrogantly and blatantly done during the first debate by Chris Wallace. Come on man, I’ll bet almost every Trump...
  7. JGalt

    So Who Won The Democratic Debate Last Night?

    Quite a debate it was, I actually watched some of it. But who came out the winner? "Six Democratic presidential candidates took the stage tonight in Las Vegas, days before the Nevada caucuses..." Coverage of the 2020 Nevada Democratic debate - CNNPolitics
  8. deanrd

    These Democratic debates will be something the country has never seen before in American history

    Some of the candidates will be twice the age of other candidates. Black women. Multiple women. An out gay man. Hispanics. For the first time, a debate stage for president will look like America. And they’ll be a candidate we won’t even see. An unindicted co-conspirator in...
  9. Chuz Life

    Call out on C_Clayton_Jones

    I'm calling you out for a debate on the Constitutionality of elective abortion. This thread is open to all to discuss the challenge, specifics, formats, the poll, etc. Bull Ring - Abortion Debate; Chuz Life vs. C_Clayton_Jones #post-21638740
  10. HaShev

    David Frum Debate Expressed what Liberals are doing

    All David Frum did in his Debate with Bannon was describe the liberal left to a 't' while trying to pin that behavior and labeling onto conservatives under Trump. This is called deflecting, it's described in the first chapter of any collegiate psychology course. He also out right lied in a...
  11. Brian Blackwell

    CDZ Anarchy vs. Minarchy (DEBATE - Larken Rose & Jan Helfeld)

    This thread is to discuss the issues raised in a debate between Larken Rose (Anarchist) and Jan Helfeld (Minarchist). Rose advocates no "government" where Helfeld advocates for small limited "government". This radio broadcast is part of the PFP Movement Radio series, brought to you by...
  12. I

    Debate Now Should Capital punishment be allowed?

    Capital Punishment: something present in American culture but not really talked about. I am curious to see what you all think about capital punishment/ the death penalty. Now I know this is a long post but I think it is important for people to understand what the death penalty is. Your patience...
  13. perrydyl

    CDZ Just released a podcast this forum may find interesting

    As the title states my partner and I have just released a podcast. I am a young liberal and he is an older conservative. In the podcast we tackle issues in a bipartisan manner. Because of our political affiliations, there is some tension. However, we are very good friends and remain civil...
  14. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks tells Blacks to learn Spanish if they want a job

    Lmao. Keep it up liberals. Can you say, "Four more years [of Trump]!"? :)
  15. guyfawkestruepirate

    CDZ My thoughts on child/adult sex

    I know a lot of people on here will probably be mad at me for having these opinions but i would just like for everyone to hear me out as everyone deserves to have their voice heard in my personal opinion i just don't see sex between children and adults as a terrible thing now i...
  16. Andylusion

    CDZ RCC Podcast: So what happened?

    Over the last few months, a bunch of people have been asking, how could this happen. While I’ve mostly remained silent during this election cycle, I do have my opinion on why things turned out this way. Now, part of my inexperience as a podcaster, and I had several things I wanted to talk...
  17. cnelsen

    Email to Univision

    From:[email protected] To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Date: 2016-03-10 22:35 Subject: FW: Univision Ok.I like this one From: Rob Friedman<mailto:[email protected]> Sent: Thursday, March 10...
  18. T

    let's make fun of this election

    watch and laugh, at me or the video.
  19. fredericIV

    New Podcast: ROWDY RADIO

    ROWDY RADIO (<---- HYPERLINK!) Whats up guys! My name is Ric and im a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. This is my brand new podcast about basically life! Each episode has its own topic so take a listen and i hope you laugh along the way. Please comment links to yalls...
  20. C

    Unfair Presidential Debate

    The Clinton/Trump debate was unfair. Hillary was only interrupted 7-9 times. Trump was interrupted over 40 times. Because the bias media isn't willing to be fair, they should be replaced immediately!!
  21. O

    CDZ Presidential Debates

    We all know, or should by now, that the threshold for "admittance" into the national Presidential Debates is 15% of an average of several national polls. Is that acceptable to you? Do you think that is a good place to put the "line in the sand"? I say "no". What would be wrong, bad, or otherwise...
  22. M

    First presidential Debate : Preparation is Going on Both Camp

    Since the date and time for the First Presidential Debate has been announced recently, it is being heard that, Trump is making his preparations with Roger Ailes advice. Donald J. Trump is pretty much confidence as he made a good debate performance in the Republican Primaries, though he always...
  23. A

    Hilarious Trump Hillary Debate Video

    This preview of the debate got me thinking. 1. Will Hillary bring up Trump disparaging woman? Cause it will open the door for Trump to talk about her husband. 2. How will Trump handle not being ahead in the polls since that was one of his main talking points. 3. Who will flip flop more in the...
  24. A

    Hilarious Trump Hillary Debate Video

  25. Slade3200

    Hats off to the GOP - A Great Debate!

    I've done my fair share of Elephant bashing in this forum. Thus far, the petty attacks and rhetoric from the GOP candidates has been embarrassing and pretty pathetic. I must say, they really stepped it up tonight and put on a great substantive debate. I wish they would have done this sooner and...
  26. S

    CDZ Debate

    Anybody watch the debate last night? My impressions: Rubio didn't perform very well. He seemed to have a standard rant that he wanted to deliver and he worked it into his first several replies even if it had nothing to do with the question. He looked flustered and probably hurt himself with...
  27. washamericom

    why is abc excluding women from tonite's debate ??

    that's the george stephanopolous channel right ? didn't he plant the seed that started the war on women with that question to romney ?? Carly Fiorina Excluded From ABC's Republican Debate I've been telling you the game is rigged," she wrote on her Facebook page. "And here's even more proof...
  28. Slade3200

    Trump boycotting Thursday debate

    Trump as been holding out on committing to attend Thursdays Fox debate because he didn't think Megyn Kelly would treat him fairly. He has been making multiple statements and tweets asking his followers if he should attend... alas Roger Ailes, Fox owner, released the following statement earlier...
  29. American_Jihad

    Saturday Night Leftist Lunacy

    It was lame comedy... Saturday Night Leftist Lunacy Islam is our friend, gun owners and the rich are our enemies. December 21, 2015 Matthew Vadum American television viewers were subjected to the usual smorgasbord of left-wing dhimmitude, foreign-policy impotence, bleeding-heart lunacy...
  30. Coloradomtnman

    Apologetics Debate: God's Plan vs Free Will

    Can one truly have free will if God directs the Universe? Is God omniscient and knows already what you think and what you will do? If God is omnipotent then does he direct every subatomic particle simultaneously or did he put the Universe into motion at the moment of creation having...

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