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  1. Grumblenuts

    New Open Secrets Report On Oil & Gas Industry Bribes

    The elephant continues tilting the tables toward waste and pollution for profit$
  2. P@triot

    You were duped

    It's truly stupefying that the left actually believes government "cares" about them. It takes a child-like naiveté, a child-like life experience, and a child-like IQ to actually believe that any stranger sitting in government even knows you exist, much less "cares" about you. Elon Musk had the...
  3. P@triot

    The next time the left screams about “scientists”

    Just remind them that are so naïve and gullible.
  4. P@triot

    Joe Biden's CFAL Doctrine

    Joe Biden is clearly deeply committed to his China First America Last (CFAL) doctrine. The reason is obvious: the payoff is enormous for China Joe and is corrupt crime family.
  5. J

    Former Judge Burke: Understanding the Supreme Court’s decision in Texas’ election suit

    See: Understanding the Supreme Court’s decision in Texas’ election suit Former Judge Kevin S. Burke Retired Judge Burke, in his desire to condone the undermining of our federal elections in which a number of States engaged in corrupted election practices, quotes Wyoming Republican Gov...
  6. Chuz Life

    Which is it? CDZ Poll and Discussion

    Mod note: Hot retail political topics still warring on the boards are NEVER good CDZ topics.. And there are a dozens of threads ALREADY open and active on this topic.. CDZ Rules apply. Please vote in the poll and then let's have a discussion about the EVIDENCE between these two specific...
  7. B

    What are the best POLITICAL ISSUE(s) for the REPUBLICAN Party to Blitz Joe Biden on??

    I will list some possibilities. 1) His RACISM 2) His CORRUPTION 3) His AGE 4) His WAR-MONGERING 5) His TIES TO FAKE NEWS 6) His GRANT MONEY to the Wuhan Institute of Virology
  8. P@triot

    The Corruption of the Democrat Party

    The corruption of the Democrat Party knows no bounds... James is a devout Dumbocrat who has gone on a whirlwind Trump-bashing tour. It's no wonder he refused to recommend charging Hitlery (when every and all conservatives would have been charged). It was an egregious violation of the law. Like...
  9. Litwin

    Corruption in Putlerstan: PM Mishustin’s brother-in-law owned multiple apartments in New York

    as i predicted putler´s new PM is dirty as the HELL "Corruption in Putlerstan: PM Mishustin’s brother-in-law owned multiple apartments in New York Russian entrepreneur Alexander Udodov, who is the husband of current Prime Minster Mikhail Mishustin’s sister, has already been accused of...
  10. Papageorgio

    Murder In Oregon

    Michael Franke was the head of Oregon's Department of Corrections in 1988. The day before he was to go before the state legislature to expose corruption in the Department of Corrections, he was murdered. The person the state of Oregon convicted of murdering Franke was a small time meth dealer by...
  11. deanrd

    The president of Ukraine asks Donald Trump to stop calling my country corrupt

    The president of Ukraine asks Donald Trump to stop calling my country corrupt “Please, please, stop saying that Ukraine is a corrupt country, because from now, it’s not true. We want to change this image,” he added. CNN: Zelensky rejects Trump’s claim that Ukraine is corrupt in interview must...
  12. A

    The US President’s accusations against the Ukrainian President remain unproved for 6 years

    In my opinion, situation with US support of coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014 very much resembles situation with US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Pretext for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 were allegations that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. But after Iraq had been occupied by NATO...
  13. The Original Tree

    What The IG & Mueller Report Taught America!

    In the simplest terms, I will break this down. 1.) Adam Schiff lied repeatedly 2.) Nunes Memo was 100% correct 3.) Jerry Nadler lied repeatedly 4.) Nancy Pelosi lied repeatedly 5.) There was a plot by numerous Obama Administration Officials to Frame President Trump and remove him from...
  14. MAGAman

    What did Sleepy Joe know about FISA abuse and spying on the Trump campaign, and when did he know it?

    Secretive Surveillance Court Rebukes FBI Over Handling of Wiretapping of Trump Aide Now that the FISC Chief Judge (The court that rules on FISA applications) has slapped the Obama FBI for it's FISA abuse allowing the Obama admin to spy on the Trump Campaign against Hillary, Sleepy Joe needs to...
  15. georgephillip

    Hey Trump, Look: Corruption in Iraq!

    For those deluded/devout partisan souls who see Donald Trump as a corruption fighter, maybe Thanksgiving in Iraq will change your minds? Iraqis Rise Up Against 16 Years of ‘Made in the USA’ Corruption "As Americans sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, Iraqis were mourning 40 protesters killed by...
  16. The Original Tree

    Adam Schiff’s Staff Directly Involved In Burisma

    Adam Schiff’s Staff had involvement in Burisma. His dog and pony show was nothing but slight of hand to distract from that fact. Pelosi, Biden, and Kerry all took money fro Burisma. So did Schiff’s staff. Adam Schiff Connected to Both Companies Named in $7.4 Billion Burisma-US-Ukraine...
  17. JGalt

    Why was Ukraine sending $billions to the US, and to whom?

    According to Ukraine prosecutor Lutsenko whom Joe Biden got fired, the corrupt former Ukraine President Yanukovych funneled billions of dollars to unknown recipients in the US. The fired prosecutor managed to return $4 billion of that money to Ukraine and was in the process of returning another...
  18. JGalt

    Oil and Natural Gas 101 - A Primer For Those Interested In Becoming Oil Barons

  19. Wapasha

    More Suspicious Activity By Hunter Biden, Now In Romania

    Duplicate thread So Hunter Biden followed his dad around to Romania, too? **************** It seems like wherever VP Biden went, his son was sure to follow. Now Hunter is in Romania. Why was a mediocre lawyer from the US suddenly so in demand all over the world, to assist in areas of...
  20. Street Juice

    This is why we love Trump

    What everyone has always known, but no one has ever said: THE PRESIDENT: I think Biden is going down, and I think his whole situation, because now you may well find that there are other countries that they scammed, just like they scammed China and Ukraine. And basically who are they really...
  21. deanrd

    The “R” in NRA stands for Russia. Turns out the NRA is a Russian asset.

    The “R” in NRA stands for Russia. Turns out the NRA is a Russian asset. NRA Was 'Foreign Asset' To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals Tax-exempt organizations are barred from using funds for the personal benefit of its officials or for actions significantly outside their stated...
  22. deanrd

    Air Force sent crews to Trump resort in Scotland up to 40 times

    Air Force sent crews to Trump resort in Scotland up to 40 times The reports come as Vice President Pence is dealing with ongoing criticism over his stay at a Trump property in Doonbeg, Ireland, earlier this month, roughly 180 miles from Dublin, where he was participating in a series of...
  23. 1

    Life in the Real America

    Life out here in the real America is no picnic. Here in California, the State I was born and raised in, the homeless outnumber stray animals by a lot. Renting a studio apartment in a bad area of town will cost you $1,000 rent plus utilities will cost you another $200. As soon as minimum wage...
  24. Ridgerunner

    To hell with chuck schumers wife... What about Elijah Cummings wife?

    Graft and corruption at its finest... Charity my ass... Financial Documents Reveal Cummings' Wife's Companies Had Over $250,000 in Overlapping Business
  25. georgephillip

    Will Republicans Make 2020 About Trump's Integrity?

    How many Senate Republicans will stake their electoral futures on the honesty of Donald Trump and his family members? These are the senators facing re-election fights in 2020 - CNNPolitics "Democrats faced a more challenging Senate map in 2018 than Republicans, in part because they had more...
  26. georgephillip

    Dems Demand 10 Years of Trump's Financials

    You thought two career Republican hacks had just put an end to investigating the most corrupt POTUS in history? Wrong Again, Cons. Democrats request 10 years of Trump's finances from tax firm "WASHINGTON – House Democrats are pushing to gain access to President Donald Trump's finances and...
  27. Marion Morrison

    Why Democrats could be in Serious Trouble!

    Not just Democrats, Republicans that don't vote to stop invaders as well! You see, it's part of their job as they took an oath to uphold the Constitution. What does the Constitution say about invaders? Article IV, Section IV Section 4 "The United States shall guarantee to every State in...
  28. P@triot

    ‘Thank’ Obama

    Isn’t it “funny” how a tweet from President Trump about the fake news has the left falling to their knees and screaming in utter terror over the “war on the media” and yet they worshipped Barack Obama who waged an actual and literal war on the media? What happened to the journalist who broke...
  29. deanrd

    MSNBC has a Friday segment called “Swamp Watch”.

    This morning it’s about whether or not Ryan Zinke lied about stealing millions from the American people. If found guilty the guy could have criminal charges against him and go to prison. He resigned from trumps cabinet hoping to escape prosecution. They believe that he lied to investigators...
  30. P@triot

    The Obama Administration was the most corrupt in U.S. history

    There were more scandals and corruption under the Obama Administration than any other administration in U.S. history (possibly more than all administrations combined). It was unbelievable listening to the left attempt to defend this scandal back when it happened. Turns out, it was even worse...

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