1. midcan5

    'Is God A Liberal?'

    "Let us grant that there is indeed one God, that this God knows what is right and best for human beings...Let us grant every one of these points and proceed post-haste to construct a society founded upon God's authority rather than our own." "The only...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    Christian Pastor Cries And Begs God To Make Trump President Again

    Folks, it does not get any more pathetic than this! Does anyone here actually think that this guy has both oars in the water? This is just one more example of the insanity on the religious right. I am old enough to remember when Christians actually believed in the teaching of Christ. You know...
  3. KingdomInTheCulture

    Do You Believe there are More than TWO Genders? My thoughts (Video)

    Here are my thoughts on whether or not there are two genders from my Christian perspective. Let me know what you think about the video.
  4. g5000

    Conversion Therapy Crusader Has Something To Say: He's Gay

    Conversion therapy crusader has something to say: He’s gay A South Carolina man who founded one of the nation's biggest conversion therapy ministries has something to say: he's gay. The Post and Courier reports Hope for Wholeness founder McKrae Game came out of the closet this summer, nearly...
  5. deanrd

    What is the single biggest and most outrageous hypocrisy of the Republican Party?

    There are so many, it's difficult to choose. The most recent being them pretending to protect protections for pre existing conditions. You have to be brain damaged to believe such nonsense. But to me, the single biggest hypocrisy is their attempt at ownership of freeing the slaves...
  6. EvilEyeFleegle

    ‘This Is Not of God’: When Anti-Trump Evangelicals Confront Their Brethren

    ‘This Is Not of God’: When Anti-Trump Evangelicals Confront Their Brethren I've wondered how people of faith are viewing Trump..this article was an eye-opener--The article is ong..this is just a brief quote: The night before Shane Claiborne came to town to preach at a Christian revival, he...
  7. 6915THESS

    Bangladesh Christian pastors assaulted by Muslims over disputed pond

    Three Bangladesh Protestant pastors were attacked and beaten and an inter-church member meeting was disrupted by local Muslim politicians in Bangladesh over a dispute over ownership of a nearby pond, UCA News reported. Bangladesh Christian pastors assaulted by Muslims over disputed pond
  8. L

    Hitler/China Destroys Another Synagogue/Church, Sparking Fears of Campaign Against Jews/Christians

    Introduction - added Jan 2018 Hitler/China Destroys Another Synagogue/Church, Sparking Fears of Campaign Against Jews/Christians Imagine these headlines in the "free world" in 1936, just before the Berlin Olympics: Hitler Torches Another Synagogue, Sparking Fears of Campaign Against Jews. They...
  9. ding

    America's Christian Heritage

    America's Christian Heritage is indisputable. The second best-selling book in the American colonies was the New England Primer. Five million copies existed in America in 1776. At that time, there were only four million people in America. Many of its selections were drawn from the King James...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    Christian Dominionism-The Real Threat to Our Secular Government

    Conservative xenophobes and conspiracy neurotics are wringing their hands, and lamenting the rise of Islam in our country, which they claim will bring about the implementation of Sharia law. However, whether out of ignorance or the belief that religious freedom and the first amendment does not...
  11. J

    Muslim Man kills junior sister for marrying a Christian

    Pakistani man, Mubeen Rajhu has admitted murdering his sister in an ‘honour killing’ because she married a Christian man. Muheeb shot Tasleem in the head at home in August after he discovered his Muslim sister had defied the family and married a Christian. While being held by police, Muheeb...
  12. midcan5

    CDZ Christian Hate Groups

    If Fox media and presidential candidate Donald Trump among others insist we add to an act of terrorism and hate, a religious qualifier, then is it not fair that we call out Christian hate organizations. There are many of them and just like any other religion they claim to be the followers of God...
  13. G

    Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog...Orlando is another example

    Hello, Sadly, I think that homosexuality and guns are not the overarching problem. If the Muslim attacker is denied a gun, he will build a bomb. Denied homosexuals as a target, he will seek out jews or Christians. garion13a5
  14. CelloX

    CDZ As a Christian, what kind of nonsocial policies should I support?

    I feel comfortable with the social policies I support (pro life and anti government marriage control. I support this because it allows us to not even need to debate about the whole gay marriage issue), but what do you think Christians should support in other areas of government policies? Please...
  15. CelloX

    Would you be willing to join/support a party like this?

    Principles: A economically center/left party with Christian values (I think, I am obviously not the most knowledgable person when it comes to political definitions). Issue stances: -Against abortion -Against gay marriage, although willing to aim for a separation of marriage from government...
  16. CelloX


    Hi, I am from the northern United States. I am a Christian who doesn't really like the Republican party all that much (Abortion and, to some extent, gay marriage just typically demands my vote goes to the Republican party).
  17. L

    Azerbaijan surprise attack on Karabakh: REAL STORY: Armenia gov all traitors

    END TIMES TRUTH only here: EVERYTHING else propagates this ... BIG LIE "Armenian government supporting Karabakh". Not only Turkey and Azerbaijan but ALSO Russia and most important of all, the TREASONOUS government of Armenia part of this agenda: "Destruction of christian self-ruled Karabakh...
  18. Maggdy

    This is Christian Iraq

    This is Christian Iraq : Dedicated to the Christian faith and heritage of Iraq Scary the similarity! I'm very busy, and only now learned from news that the Kurdish flag almost suchlike as the Hungarian flag. This is Christian...
  19. American_Jihad

    Muslim world phenomenon being imported into the West

    These are beasts and those that support them not much better... The Islamic Rape and Murder of Christian Boys Another Muslim world phenomenon being imported into the West. February 4, 2016 Raymond Ibrahim A group of Muslim men recently went into a Christian district in Pakistan, abducted a...

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