1. F

    Ranking ALL Cereal Bars : Canadian Iranian Taste Testing

  2. DOTR

    Oh Canada! (RIP)

    . More diversity please! Toronto Police Service :: To Serve and Protect
  3. deanrd

    Terrorists slipped across the US border with explosives to blow up LA Airport

    They crossed the US border with explosives (CNN)Ahmed Ressam had a bomb in the spare tire well of his car when authorities arrested him. He planned to attack the Los Angeles airport. Walid Kabbani was walking along a train track in Vermont with explosives in his bag when police intercepted...
  4. deanrd

    Buy American? Australian beef 27%, Canadian wheat 14%——CHEAPER!!!!

    Buy American? Australian beef 27%, Canadian wheat 14%——CHEAPER!!!! I was just reading about the new trans Pacific treaty that’s been signed between Japan and Australia and Canada and other countries and they left out America. The only reason this hasn’t been in the news is because everybody is...
  5. AsianTrumpSupporter

    USMCA effectively gives the U.S. a veto over Canadian and Mexican deals w/ China outside of USMCA

    Trade pact clause seen deterring China trade deal with Canada, Mexico | Reuters Trade pact clause seen deterring China trade deal with Canada, Mexico WASHINGTON (Reuters) - China’s hopes of negotiating a free trade pact with Canada or Mexico were dealt a sharp setback by a provision deep in...
  6. deanrd

    G7 tells Trump to get ready for G6 as US becomes a rogue state.

    Macron turns on Trump after US president attacks EU and Canada In comments to reporters, Mr Macron signalled Europe would not surrender meekly to the US president and suggested the G7 could function as six nations instead of seven. “Maybe the American president doesn’t care about being...
  7. deanrd

    Trump, GOP don't care how deeply they've offended Canada accusing them of being security risk to US

    Calling Canada a security risk for the US deeply offensive to Canada The only country closer to the US than Great Britain is Canada. And now Trump has trashed both relationships in favor of some imaginary relationship with Russia. Canada supported the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US has...
  8. Eric Cartman

    Trump calls for Russia to be reinstated into G7

    Unless you are brain dead you now know that Trump is Putin's bitch. Trump calls for Russia to be reinstated into G7
  9. deanrd

    Didn't you guys burn down the White House?

    Trump to Trudeau: 'Didn't you guys burn down the White House?' Trump says the tariffs are a matter of national security, something Trudeau reportedly contested during the phone call, sources familiar with the discussion told CNN. "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?" Trump reportedly...
  10. Dragonlady

    Van Ploughs into Pedestrians at busy Toronto intersection

    A white van drove up onto the sidewalk at the corner of Yonge and Finch in Toronto just minutes ago. 8 to 10 people were struck. The driver is in custody. Watching on TV now. No idea if this a medical situation or a terrorist attack.
  11. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Jordan Peterson is contemplating running against the substitute drama teacher/ski instructor

    He would make for a great leader of Canada.
  12. deanrd

    Did Donald Trump ruin Justin Trudeau's political career as Prime Minister of Canada?

    Of course Trump knows he’s lying about Canada trade Everyone in the media is giddy about President Donald Trump’s admission that he made up a “fact” that the United States has a trade deficit with Canada without checking the real facts, which show otherwise. Trump doesn’t care what the...
  13. toobfreak

    Canada Strict Gun Laws Just Not Working Out As Planned

    I keep hearing about the great successes of other countries in gun laws, yet here is Canada with some of the strictest gun laws in the world, draconian in fact, not only still having gun violence, but an INCREASE in gun-related gang violence? Unfortunately, it isn't working as they hoped and...
  14. B

    Fine: NAFTA, natural gas and the San Juan Basin by Dr. Daniel Fine

    The full article is here-> Fine: NAFTA, natural gas and the San Juan Basin Excerpted "The North American Free Trade Agreement is now in a final stage with the U.S. team looking over the “energy chapter,” which has been approved by Canada and Mexico. The Administration’s position, with a...
  15. B

    Energy Dominance needs NAFTA HERITAGE FOUNDATION 1/16/18

    Opportunities abound for negotiating a better NAFTA. As the Trump Administration pushes for modernization, one commonsense policy area that should be preserved and improved is energy. Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm The Heritage Foundation 214 Massachusetts Ave NE Washington, DC...
  16. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Racist scumbag tells Salvadorans to stay home

    Canada telling Salvadorans facing U.S. exit that haven isn't guarantee TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada is sending a Spanish-speaking lawmaker to California to dissuade potential migrants from illegally crossing the border following Washington’s decision to end the temporary protected status of some...
  17. AsianTrumpSupporter

    I don't give a fuck about "net neutrality"

    The same liberal faggots who own/run Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. are the same kinds of faggots as the University panel in this audio where they grill a student for daring to portray Jordan Peterson in a neutral and objective way:
  18. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Canada is worried about a possible, huge surge in Black and Brown people applying for asylum

    Canada frets over possible huge surge in asylum-seekers: sources OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada fears a huge surge in asylum seekers crossing the border from the United States, putting political pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ahead of a 2019 election, sources familiar with the matter said...
  19. P@triot

    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau believes he can buy protection from muslims

    This is vintage left-wing "logic" here. Cower in fear of aggressors and attempt to appease them in every capacity. If only the left would actually study history and learn from it, they would see that the cower and appease doctrine simply emboldens the aggressor. Trudeau just sent a clear...
  20. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Thanks to President Trump, NATO will start to pay more of its fair share of defense costs Europe and Canada will raise defense spending at the fastest pace for three years in 2017, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday, partly aimed at showing the United States they are committed to shouldering more costs. U.S...
  21. edthecynic

    The gold rush brothel run by President Trump's grandfather will be turned into a tourist attraction.

    Brothel ran by Trump's grandfather to become tourist site | Daily Mail Online Friedrich Trump built the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel in Bennett, Canada, and kickstarted the family's multi- billion empire. On the surface, his business was simply a hotel and restaurant that boasted a fancy menu -...
  22. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Thousands of asylum seekers in Canada who fled Trump now trapped in legal limbo

    Thousands of asylum seekers in Canada who fled Trump now trapped in legal limbo Asylum seekers in Canada who fled Trump now trapped in legal limbo ORONTO/WINNIPEG, Manitoba, June 26 (Reuters) - Thousands of people who fled to Canada to escape President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal...
  23. X

    Now. here IS stupid. bigly

    Trump likes tariffs! He thinks it will protect American jobs? Jobs for the workers? No. Economic research from any country, including America. says NO, it does not create more jobs. It costs jobs, it may kill unwanted imports, but it also kills off vital American exports to the same...
  24. AsianTrumpSupporter

    People are actually fleeing to Canada, and Canada is overwhelmed

    Refugees Entering Canada From US Border States Surge Number of refugees entering Canadian provinces of Quebec and Manitoba through U.S. surged in the last two months compared to the same time last year, according to local reports Monday. Both the provinces border U.S. states of North Dakota...
  25. HaShev

    Next Canadian Election focus will be on...

    Canadians will be screaming to "build a wall" for all those Hillary devotees who threatened to flee the US, especially all our CelebriHoes. *L*
  26. G

    Trump on Canada

    It was nice that Donald gave the thumbs up to Canada, but that comment about "bringing them onboard" was a little scary. Canada hasn't been worried about annexation for a long time. He also seems to like the Baja peninsula in Mexico. Manifest Destiny anyone ?
  27. American_Jihad


    I wonder if they even keep track of the islamic beasts... A Hate That Has (Officially) No Name As expected, media and politicians play down latest Islamic terrorist attack in Canada. March 18, 2016 Stephen Brown ... The last Islamic terrorist attack to strike America’s northern...
  28. TeaBagger

    Did Palin Cost Trump Iowa?

    We all know that Sarah Palin is a big whore in more ways than one and like Jeb and George W Bush her kids are whores and in trouble with the law. As stupid and as hypocritical Evil Vangelicals they know that Palin is a filthy whore and they know that her slut daughter Bristol managed to get...
  29. northpolarbear

    Fair trial law includes knowing who the accuser is, what you are accused of, fair defense chance

    Seriously, help me. I am wronged. It is illegal "anywhere" by the United Nations, not just specifically USA & Canada. Not to mention how I am not obligated to follow a foreign law when I don't reside there & I am legal by my own country's laws. Fair trial law includes knowing who the accuser...

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