1. GetPwnedNoob

    Looking to join the army, came here for some advice.

    Hello everyone, I am new here and am looking to join the Army. My brother has served for a long time and has done 2 tours to Iraq. I recently graduated high school and am looking to improve my skills as a fighter. I like fighting in army call of duty, it is super fun and I think I would be...
  2. P

    WIP, short modern combat fiction. Looking for feedback

    Dear Reader, I would love feedback on this excerpt from a book I'm writing. This was an actual training exercise I took part in a few months back. That said, nobody was actually hurt or killed. But I shifted the optics of the story to sound like a real engagement. I'm mainly trying to see if how...
  3. JGalt

    So I found a fat Russian Army Colonel's uniform at a garage sale today...

    $20 from some lady who immigrated here from Poland. Couldn't hardly call this "stolen valor", so trick or treat bitches. :lmao:
  4. deanrd

    Trump's approval rating among military falls to new lows

    Trump's approval rating among military slips; lowest among Air Force Air Force - 36.4 percent Army - 38.1 percent Veterans On President Trump: Military Members Discuss The Commander In Chief Military Times: "Support for Trump is fading among active-duty troops, new poll shows" Washington...
  5. deanrd

    Man put the US Army before his family. Now the GOP screws his family. Lesson learned.

    Court: Korean-born girl must leave US because she was adopted by her Kansas uncle a year too late Looking back, he regretted not pursuing the adoption before time ran out. “I should have put my family ahead of the Army,” he said. --------------------- Republicans are sending a message to...

    Army lifts ban on cutters, mentally ill and drug abusers to meet recruiting goals

    Army lifts ban on cutters, mentally ill and drug abusers to meet recruiting goals ... well then I suppose they have meds all worked out logistically. If they can afford so, then that point's good I guess.
  7. D

    Finding Military Friends

    Greetings everyone. I am helping a spouse try to find people who may have known her husband and can make a statement for his Veterans Benefits Case. He was in the United States Army in the 1950s. Unfortunately, most of his military records have been destroyed, which is why I am posting here. He...
  8. C

    New sanctions for the Russia and N.Korea from the USA and E.U? This means they are gone from the map

    President Donald Trump intends to sign a bill passed by Congress this week that would impose new sanctions on Russia, the White House said Friday. The bill was passed overwhelmingly in the Senate and House by veto-proof margins. It passed in the Senate on Thursday 98-2 and in the House on...
  9. H

    Looking for

    Explanation to the posting below. When you were in close proximity I had to turn around to grab something for fear of falling flat on my face because I became weak in the knees. Your smile was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen in my life. It was so electrifying. I can tell you are a man...
  10. Y

    Fury, starring Brad Pitt

    In case you yourself did not get to see Fury, the movie, starring Brat Pitt, here is a free Internet version that you can watch. This movie reminds me of my dad. He was a WW2 vet and tank officer then. So he had Brat Pitt's job in his tank with his tank platoon in real life. The movie traces...
  11. 336

    Pros and Cons of Each Branch

    While I'm almost dead set on joining the Marines I still would like to gather more information on each branch to help solidify my position. I was hoping everyone here who has served can shed some light on the pros and cons of their particular branch. What's the best part of your branch? What's...

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