Why KESC circulate bills late?

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    Why KESC circulate bills late?

    I want to drawn the attention of KESC – CEO and the courier company whose services KESC availing to circulate monthly bill to consumers.

    I want to share my experience and want to drawn the attention of KESC – CE0, Courier Company – CEO and all concern official who responsible to affect the KESC billing dispatch on timely.

    Some facts I want to share

    1. I got SMS regarding my bill amount on Jun 17, 2012 and informing due date is Jun 22, 2012-06-23
    2. I got June 12 electricity bill via EMAIL on Jun 19,2012-06-23
    3. I got physical KESC bill for Jun 12 3 days before the last date which is Jun 22, 2012-06-23

    More interesting to share Meter reading & bill issue date both are same which is Jun 8, 2012 but reach to me Jun 19, 2012 evening and I have paid bill on Jun 20, 12 to avoid late surcharge payment.

    Whose careless or lazy responsible to reach KESC monthly bill so late but one reasons I guess if any consumers do not pay the bill within due date he has to pay surcharge. Why surcharge consumers should pay if electricity bill do not reach him by the courier company.

    I request to the KESC – CEO please take some pain and understand what reasons it become a normal practice for reaching electricity bill late and questioned from the responsible who are looking entire KESC electricity bill dispatch.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    Ashfaq Sharif

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