Why do people hate Liberals?

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    Awww, does it give your undies a wedgie to realize that for every Leftard mouthpiece like Don Lemon or Rachel Maddow, there is a Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter to challenge their BS? Poor baby! But hey, it must be oh-so convenient to have mastered selective hearing in order to filter out all the "hate, fear and greed" spewing forth from CNN, MSM, Vox, and similar TASS wannabes. Yep, mighty handy! Sorta like having your very own 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' device ever-ready to deploy? Ain't you the lucky one?

    Considering colleges have long since been taken over by your commie/socialist heroes, I'd say old Hannity and Limbaugh just managed to dodge the leftist bullet, and escape being brainwashed. Kinda like two gullible kids escaping the Moonie Cult compound! Real journalism? I got your "real journalism" right here:

    Lara Logan Slams Media For Becoming Left-Wing "Propagandists" With "Horseshit" Low Standards

    MIND CONTROL: Watch As News Anchors All Across The Country Say The Same Thing And Repeat The Same Taglines Over And Over Again • Now The End Begins

    All These Local News Anchors Repeat The Exact Same Phrase | HuffPost

    VIDEO: 25 Anchors Read the Exact Same Script
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