Who are the real RINO's in today's GOP?

Discussion in 'Tea Party' started by YoungRepublican, Oct 10, 2013.

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    How about answering my post? Oh that's right, you cant. Let's recap..
    John McCain- Crazy hardline conservative idiot running mate
    Mitt Romney- Was a Republican, until someone whispered in his ear that he needed to "win the base"
    Scott Brown- Spends six years in the house and another 6 in the senate in a liberal state like mass. maintaining conservative values and kicking out long standing dem incumbents
    Tisei- Another Mass. Republican who served 26 years in the legislator passing conservative laws into effect in a liberal state.
    Charlie Baker- Another Mass. Rep. .. are all of your examples Republicans from one of the most liberal states in the union? Stood up for gay rights.. Im sorr, what is the problem with that? We let stupid people marry each other, what is the problem with people of the same sex? He is pro choice, like the rest of us that have left the south's crippled education system. He is pro gay marriage because, ya know, he isnt an ignorant asshat. Economically, his plan revolves around making it easier for small business to grow in Mass. Less taxes for those who contribute to the economy and help those in need with a safety net. So what he is socially liberal? In twenty years those won't be seen as "liberal" ideas, but just being humane. People who opposed it will be seen as those who were protesting at Ole Miss during desegregation. That is who you are. Backward bigots who are no better than the racists of the 60's/

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