Whatever Happened to "Good Morning"?

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    I suppose this practice still happens in small towns/bergs in the U.S. where everyone knows each other, but who would have thought such a thing happens today in a major city like Paris?

    Whatever Happened To 'Good Morning'?
    By Lloyd Garver
    July 12, 2006

    My recent trip to Europe is still fresh in my mind. I particularly remember all of the friendly "bonjours" ("good day" or "good morning") I would receive every day in Paris. You don't get those "good mornings" here in America.

    Let's say you're in Paris and you go to the neighborhood bakery for your breakfast bread and croissants. If there's a line there, the person you get behind will wish you a "bonjour," and expect a "bonjour" from you.

    You'll also get a "bonjour" from the salesperson and another one from the cashier. And anyone who works there is likely to say "bonjour" to you as you leave. When you walk down the street with your baked goods, complete strangers will say "bonjour" to you, and you'll return the greeting.

    What a cheery way to start the day: before eating breakfast or arriving at work, dozens of people have wished the typical Parisian a "good morning."

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