We're Not Broke. All We Have To Do Is Take What We Want

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    "We're not broke!!! The money is out there!! All we have to do is take it!!!"

    Michael Moore said this about a month ago.

    This is what is on the lips of union members, Hollywood personalities, and anarchists.

    This Marxist nonsense is being repeated all over the world today.

    "We ain't broke."

    "All we have to do is take what we need from the rich."

    "Spread the wealth."

    "Don't you dare touch our golden goose."

    "Workers of the world unite."

    Forget about nukes in the hands of Islamic crazies. Forget about Qaddafi murdering his own people at this writing. Forget about snipers and thugs murdering civilians in the streets of Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, turning the Middle East into another Bosnia.

    The greatest threat in the world seems to be unions and protesters.

    Does anyone else feel that these protests are simply about protesting for protesting's sake????


    So who is at the bottom of all of this turmoil?

    We'll let's add up all of the facts:

    Who is saying that we need a new world order?
    Who wants to spread the wealth in this country and around the world?
    Who supports unions 100%?
    Who says that we have to crash the system before we can change it for the better?

    There's your answer.
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    If MM was telling everyone to stop paying their taxes then he'd be on the right track. Until then...

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