Wall Street Heartburn: A Vigilante's Design

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    This is a Wall Street culture vignette inspired by Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.


    "Bruce Wayne (Gotham's prominent businessman and socialite) was fascinated by Milos Forman's searing classical-music biopic of Mozart titled Amadeus (starring Thomas Hulce and F. Murray Abraham). Bruce was of course Gotham City's secret masked urban-vigilante Batman, a caped crusader who tackled modern corruption and criminal-insanity (a hairy problem indeed!). Bruce/Batman believed Forman's message in Amadeus that the haunting quality of creativity created 'unnatural competitiveness' held special significance for the modern world of Wall Street oriented cutthroat capitalism. After all stockbrokers/investors had to be 'creative calculators' and such creativity would always draw the attention of rival brokers/investors!"

    Batman decided to stake-out the area around Wall Street, New York for three consecutive weekend-evenings leading up to the anniversary of 9/11. September 11 would be remembered as the ultimate terrorist gesture against capitalism civilization, so Batman had the theory that some new terrorist/group would target the Wall Street area around the anniversary of 9/11 so as to make another statement regarding the 'lingering presence' of modern anti-capitalism sentiments. Batman followed stockbrokers going home late from work at night and walking alone to their parked cars. Batman was sure that one of these stockbrokers would be targeted by a terrorist seeking to kidnap such as 'modern NYC diplomat' and hold him/her as a 'symbolic hostage' until demands were met(!).

    Well, Bruce/Batman's theory proved to be correct. One Saturday night during his stake-out, Batman noticed a young man, a stockbroker walking to his parked Volvo in the car-garage near his Wall Street office while being followed by a mysterious man in a hat and trench-coat. As Batman followed this trench-coat stalker following the stockbroker walking to his Volvo, he got the eerie feeling that this entire little stalking-scenario was kind of set-up. Nevertheless, Batman continued to monitor this immediate dangerous situation. When the mysterious trench-coat wearing man reached in his pocked and pulled out a pistol, Batman immediately wrestled him to the ground after knotting him up with his rope-gun. He then interviewed this 'ghoul' in his secret underground fortress (known simply as the 'Bat-Cave').

    BATMAN: So what's the deal with stalking a harmless stockbroker?
    GHOUL: You think a yuppie fancy-lad driving a Volvo is harmless?
    BATMAN: I don't follow...
    GHOUL: Confused? Do you realize how many yuppies drive drunk?
    BATMAN: Alright, perhaps there are 'aristocrats' who think they're 'immune.'
    GHOUL: No one is immune, and it's because the rich/fortunate are aloof!
    BATMAN: That's why America elected a capitalism-baron as President.
    GHOUL: Donald Trump doesn't understand modern 'casino-capitalism' ethics.
    BATMAN: He's shrewd about marketing leadership and profitability, however.
    GHOUL: He was a very successful venture-capitalist...indeed.
    BATMAN: So your message is to hunt down yuppies?
    GHOUL: No, Batman; my message is that capitalism breeds pirates.
    BATMAN: Are you some kind of 'pirate-hunter' or crusader?
    GHOUL: I'm an ex-member of Al Qaeda, and I wanted to kidnap the broker you saved.
    BATMAN: I suppose your belief is that American stockbrokers are simply 'expendable.'
    GHOUL: Capitalists abuse creativity and therefore slander spirituality.
    BATMAN: Have you seen Milos Forman's Amadeus (a film about creativity forgiveness)?
    GHOUL: Yes! I think Forman wanted us to be scared about 'wasted youth.'
    BATMAN: Indeed that must have been one of Forman's suggestions...
    GHOUL: However, I agree with you that creativity is a dominion for empathy.
    BATMAN: Exactly! Why praise the Koran or Bible while 'demonizing' bureaucrats?
    GHOUL: I suppose the majority of American yuppie brokers are ignorant of religion.
    BATMAN: Yes, and ignorance is no grounds for violence or torture; Americans need studios.
    GHOUL: We'll see if capitalism succeeds in constructing a 'beautiful studio'!"




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