Voter ID laws and leftist dishonesty

Discussion in 'Politics' started by J3ffr3y, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Not sure if the topic has already been beaten to death here but i have a take I want to get out there. I am very interested to see if anyone will directly refute my point on this.

    So the Democratic party and the ACLU are challenging various state laws requiring a photo ID to vote. The Supreme Court has already upheld voter ID requirements, so this is about nothing more than stalling long enough to fraudulently get President Obama re-elected.

    The claim from the leftists is laughable. Their objection is based on the contention that requiring photo ID places an unfair burden on minorities and is thus a discriminatory practice. So i have a few questions for all the leftists on the board here.

    If requiring photo ID is discriminatory, than why are you not opposed to laws requiring photo ID to cash checks or drive a car?

    By your (ill-)logic, the DMV, every bank and financial institution, and, i suppose, every retail establishment selling alcohol or tobacco is racist and guilty of placing an unlawfully burdensome obstacle in the way of every single minority in the country.

    You can not have it both ways. Requiring photo ID either is or is not an unfair discriminatory burden. So which is it? I would really like to hear an answer that directly addresses my premise, but I am not going to hold my breath. I know better.

    Now a question not just for the leftists in the crowd, but for everyone to ponder. If there is no real reason to object to the requirement of photo ID when voting (and there isn't), why is the Democratic party so dead-set against it? What does it mean when one party is willing to go to the mat, so to speak, to prevent the implementation of a requirement that will make it much more difficult to commit voter fraud?

    I defy you to explain how the Democratic party's position on this matter is anything but an admission that being able to facilitate wide-spread election fraud is vital to their electoral success generally, and the re-election of President Barack Obama specifically.


    p.s.How is it that so many people still perceive the political right as racist and bigoted and fail to see the blatant truth that if any side of the political landscape is the home of true racists and elitists it is the left and the Democratic party. This issue alone is at its' core born from the leftist belief that minorities are incapable of obtaining a valid photo ID and meeting regulatory requirements in regards to voting. it is all so painfully obvious and ironic that, at times, i cant stand it.

    a collection of uninformed racists, sexist, liars...the American left.
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    No worres here my friend..........all their shit gets mothballed in just over two months!!:coffee: Disregard the polling shit.,.......most of those people are staying home on election day.

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