'Triggered' By The President? Democrats Seek To Censor / Regulate Twitter

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    Democrats Want to Regulate Twitter to Stop 'Racism, Bigotry' and Russian Ads - Breitbart

    Democrats, in a desperate move to silence the President, seek to pass legislation allowing federal regulation of Social Media, specifically 'TWITTER'.

    Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) is behind the regulation proposal.

    In an extremely thinly-veiled attempt to BLAME RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE IN OUR ELECTION, Coleman and Cleaver explained to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that their desire to (CENSOR) regulate Twitter is due to the fact that the Russians sought to use Social Media to effect our elections.
    - There is one problem with their story: It is FACEBOOK, not Twitter, that Russians attempted to use / used by buying ads...which does not explain why Coleman and Cleaver are trying to regulate Twitter instead of Facebook.

    OK, Let's Cut Through The Crap and Get to The TRUTH:

    The attempt to regulate Twitter (versus Facebook or any other social media) has nothing to do with The Russians and EVERYTHING to do with attempting to SILENCE President Trump's constant use of Twitter!

    NOW here comes the truly HYPOCRITICAL and FUNNY part of their letter to Twitter CEO Dorsey:

    “More importantly, we are disappointed by the silence from you and others in your industry on ways to counter such blatant manipulation of this medium to build racial animosity, the consequences of which are quite literally life threatening,” they continued, before warning the company that they’d take action if their demands were not met."

    Are you F*ING KIDDING me?! The Liberals and their surrogate all-in Fake News media have launched false accusation after false accusation, have printed and reported Fake news After fake News stories - which they have had to retract and have FIRED reporters over...CNN Anchor Cuomo even admitted once on the air that CNN had done everything it could to help Hillary win, even refusing to report her scandals - and here these 2 liberal ass-clowns are telling Twitter's CEO that THEY are disappointed in HIM and HIS company! :p

    NOW here comes the THREAT they issue to Dorsey:

    - “If Twitter continues to prove unable or hesitant to grasp the seriousness of this threat and combat the radicalized climate that is being stimulated on your platforms, we, as members of Congress, will be left with little option but to demand for increased regulations and government oversight of this industry to address these problems,” concluded the congressmen."

    Hmmm, is this 'just' a THREAT or could this be arguably be perceived as an attempt by 2 Congressmen to BLACKMAIL / PRESSURE Dorsey / Twitter to comply with their wishes? It sure looks like a 'shakedown' to me...

    HOW can these 2 clowns think Twitter does NOT take “racism and bigotry and 'Russian Influence' seriously?

    - "Despite the congressmen’s claims that “racism and bigotry” are rampant on the platform, Twitter remains one of the most censorship-heavy social networks, numerous popular conservative and libertarian accounts have been both temporarily and permanently suspended."


    Anyone with any common sense and intellectual honesty can see that the one they would REALLY like to see Twitter Censor is PRESIDENT DONAL TRUMP!
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    If this is true, the owner(s) should get lawyers and press charges against those that sent such a threatening letter.
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    the Hypersensitive Snowflakes are funny

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