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    Your Imagination
    :beer: And most of all, to Mom*

    Variety. All humans share 99.9% identical DNA and yet few humans are identical, and no two humans are indistinguishable after their first scars appear. Variety defines us and it’s variety that will save humanity. Not just the variety among individual earthlings and the incredible variety in human skills, passion and knowledge, but more importantly, the variety in organizations that humans use to accomplish work.

    Planet earth is home to a tremendous variety of organized human endeavors that get incredible amounts of work done. A sea of individuals and organized groups of individuals crossing paths in a tapestry of history in the making, with some groups and individuals accomplishing more than others, and wealth no longer a guarantee of the survival of power. That’s just one reason to count on evolution succeeding. ;)

    :beer: To the Star Stuff that hit the right combination of luck, coincidence and time to see a Sentient World born on a wet rock falling around a common star.

    There is a mind boggling variety and scope of organizations under human control. Large, small and in between, there’s too many types to name, let alone attempt to name the players. Big fish like BP Oil, Toyota, Wal-Mart, Sinopec and The People of Canada, swimming in an ocean of interrelated organizations ranging from Mom&Pop Inc., through City Sanitation, A T & T, Berkshire Hathaway, and Bavarian Motor Works all the way up to The People of The Great State of Texas and the newly formed government of Egypt. All managing vast numbers of humans in a variety of ways ranging from stupid, short-sighted and greedy to equitable, visionary and efficient, and getting work done. Vast amounts of work. Most assuredly more work than the individuals would ever be able to accomplish on their own.

    Variety will be the flavor our children savor as they continue to blunder towards their destiny among the stars. Thank (insert your preferred Deity here) that we’re almost through with the literal ‘survival’ of the fittest phase. Organizations that require violence to be successful really suck now that this planet is too small and to paranoid for an average Joe to simply move on when he doesn’t like the politics of a region.

    Management and Leadership: Even if the clowns in D.C. completely fuck up the finances of one nation, the clowns in France, Germany or China might figure it out and NOBODY is going to give a rats ass about American Debt in 1,000 years. Even if the clowns at Exxon Mobil didn’t learn anything about responsibility in the market place in the summer of 2010, the clowns at BP will never look at The People of America’s Gulf Coast the same way, and The People of Americas Gulf Coast will never look at Oil as and industry in the same way, and NOBODY is going to give a rats ass about that spill in 1,000 years.

    I’m betting my financial future that the clowns at GE, Johnson & Johnson, Japan Post Holdings, AXA, ING Group Ford Motor, etc. will survive and thrive even if ‘government’ does not – and despite the whining in some sectors of the market place, I’ll bet ‘global slavery’ does not make a come-back.

    We are THIS close to seeing a Sentient World hatch on a random wet rock. Exciting times, eh?

    :eusa_think: How much of a 21st century human life depends on the successful organization of others?

    * Mother Earth

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