The Supposed Unprecedented Treatment of Obama

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    Those on the left have been desperately trying to rewrite the history of the Bush administration, especially with the revelation that ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques were responsible for the information that ultimately led to the killing of Osama.

    In what can only be called historical revisionism, the kind usually reserved for Holocaust deniers, the left screams that the treatment of Obama is unprecedented. We are told that the right has: attempted to delegitimize Obama, unfairly gone after his past, compared Obama to Hitler in Tea Party protests. All of which we are told is unprecedented. Unprecedented and of course racist.

    I want to dispel the lie that this is somehow unprecedented. Shortly after the 2000 election prominent members of the left, in much greater numbers than birthers, denigrated and insulted the integrity of the United States Supreme Court. For eight years prominent members of the media and entertainment attempted to delegitimize Bush’s presidency, and they did so with much more vigor and hatred than the right has.

    My favorite, and Jon Stewart is most guilty of this, is the idea that the comparison of Obama to Hitler has crossed the line, that it has never been done before. Google pictures of Tea Party protests and compare them to anti-war protests that occurred during Bush and tell me which one is more hate-filled.

    For eight years we were treated to stories of Bush-Nazi family connections, going back to Bush’s grandfather. We were told, with no evidence except for forged documents that Rather just couldn’t stop himself from reporting, that Bush was AWOL during his military service. The left ridiculed Bush’s academic record. They made accusations of drug use. Nothing was off limits.

    These people are hypocrites. The treatment of Obama is more rational and tempered than that of the left’s fire-brand, sickening, hate-filled treatment of Bush.
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