The Public Reaction to Mamba's Death

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    Mr. Bryant was an outstanding basketball player. Good at all facets of the game, he was probably one of the ten best players ever to play in the NBA. I saw an interview with Dirk Nowitzki recently, and he said that of all the players he played against, Kobe was the most difficult to defend, because he could "beat you" in ten different ways. That is a huge compliment, coming from someone who actually knows.

    He died young, and tragically. It was a devastating event for his intimates, a sad event for those who knew him, and those who knew him best (other players and sports figures) are indicating that they held him in high esteem and liked him a lot. All quite appropriate.

    But the general public?

    What do we know about him as a person? Was he kind and compassionate, or a jerk? All these people dragging their butts out to the desert to see the smoking wreckage, wearing tribute basketball shirts, and crying real tears? Would they emote that visibly if their uncle died? Their next-door neighbor? I rather doubt it. But this actual stranger who played professional basketball...

    These huge outpourings for public figures strike me as rather perverse. There are occasionally deaths of great people who impacted millions of lives (e.g., MLK), and I can see how people who didn't actually know them could have been deeply affected. But a sports star? A singer (John Lennon)? An actor?

    Gimme a break. Where is the perspective? Out the window.
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    I saw this online which can explain it to a degree-
    If you aren’t a lakers fan then you spent some time hating Kobe, overtime ... that hate turned into respect ( example Derek jeter is respected by many Red Sox fans ) . His legacy transcended the sport as he redeemed his missteps in life and started hemorrhaging philanthropy and mentorship. I am a sucker for an apology , can you imagine an apology / redemption tour that includes unrelenting giveback to a community and a cause that changes the way the globe perceives you . In short he dominated and was hated for it , took a fall and was castigated for it , rose again and was respected for it ..: and in his last moments was just being a dad ... traveling with his daughter who had his complete attention and to he promised his wife and other daughters would have his fatherly protection . The sadness comes from the unknown moments of him grabbing her in the chaos and promising her something that he didn’t deliver ... the sadness comes from each father or mother putting themselves in that situation and knowing that at that moment ...

    I personally see it as a tragedy of a young life cut short. I am not a big basketball fan. I also wonder why when it was so foggy they chose to go ahead and fly.

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