The Original Heist

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    Chief Justice John Roberts and the four associate justices who made all of the horrors in the Affordable Care Act constitutional should be impeached. That ain’t going to happen, nor is there a chance Roberts will be impeached for this:

    First question: When did eligibility-doubters become a movement? I know I never got the memo!

    Next question: Does anyone really believe John Roberts can be impeached for administering an oath of office?

    In any event, Hussein planned the original heist. Congress and the media took part in the robbery every step of the way. The Supreme Court drove the getaway car. Asking the gang to rat out the boss now —— after they beat the rap —— is incredibility naive.

    Besides, the media, and both political parties, have big plans for Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal. Anything connected to presidential eligibility is off the table for their sake as much as for any other reason.

    There is always the possibility just calling for impeaching Roberts is designed to embarrass Hussein. If so, the design is flawed. It’s impossible to embarrass Hussein about anything let alone his lack of eligibility. Hussein & Company have lied so much in the past four years the bunch of them went round-the-bend two or three years ago. They are so far gone they don’t have to invent lies anymore. Lies no longer exist in their world. They say it and it is the truth because they said it and the media backs them up.

    Finally, presidents with honor are becoming harder to find than hustling girls with hearts of gold, but never so hard to find as honorable journalists. Note that John Swinton died in 1901:


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