The milky-white light alcoholic beverage

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    As every country has their own signature alcohol: The French has their Cognac, the US has Johnnie Walker, Tequila in Mexico, and Russia has their Vodka. And last but not least, Korea has their organically fermented and unrefined rice wine, "Makgeolli."
    The milky-white light alcoholic beverage, Makgeolli, include raw yeast and yogurt so that mixing it with fruit and making it into a cocktail is easily done. Not only does have a fancy look, but also in terms of nutrients it is on par with any type of wine in the world.
    The 2010 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland designated Makgeolli as their toast beverage.
    The forum included South Korean President Lee Myung Bak as well as the president of Mongolia, the Belgium Prime Minister, and 500 other economic senior officials all raised their glasses filled with Makgeolli during the meeting.
    The South Korean government and the manufacturers contantly developing a taste which can be enjoyed in different countries and different cultures. And as a result, countries including Japan and China are recommending and favoring this Korean wine.
    If you ever decide to visit Korea, try a sip. An old saying promises that drinking Makgeolli will guarantee 100 years of life.

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