The Higher Law Regarding Rep . John Lewis

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    There's a higher law against
    Rep . John Lewis and that is in the lesser known written law about NOT listening to political prisoners.
    Now don't confuse his contribution to the civils right movement with the selfish bitter man you see today. And don't assume criticsm should be off limit when it is of the man
    today as a politician not as he was then as a citizen.
    What we have now is a man more concerned about his party and his vision for that party TO SALVAGE & USE HIS PEOPLE FOR VOTES and for securing his own job then he has for his own race who he claims to be protecting their rights. (As long as he gets to say what that is, because he thinks he knows better=insulting their intelligence to decide that for themselves).
    He wants to control, manipulate, and divide for sake of self. No longer is he sacrificing for others, he's now the taker and violator of rights. He has become that which he fought against ages ago.
    People are forbidden to listen to
    Rep . John Lewis by the higher law, because when we went against this advice, mankind truly blundered and did not fair well.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls
    (4Q266 -7 fr 5) warned us of a rule they had back then about not listening to leaders/teachers who had been politically imprisoned as we see why through history, if only we had obeyed the simple rule.
    List of Political prisoners who came out with a lust for blood and hate for humanity as they turned into psychopathic murderers who caused attrocities and were the cause of wars and more murders:
    Paul of Tarsus(who was not Saul/he was compiled of many Pauls, mostly of Apollonius called Pol of Tyana) and wrote 3/4 the lawless book that caused 50 million murders against apponents of that book and over thousands of wars,
    Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam, Arafat, Zarquawi, Turkey's tyrant Erodagan and I think that Islamic radical guy in Africa Mokhtar Belmokhtar who started many wars and attrocities there (the guy with one eye) might have been a political prisoner, he seems hell bent on that subject himself regarding radicals imprisoned and breaking them out of prisons or he broke out of prison.
    All political prisoners before they massacred.

    Idi Amin might be another qualifying for that list: he had similarities to Saddam: Deserted by his father at an early age, he was brought up by his mother like Saddam and came from a small Islamic tribe.
    President Obote put Amin under house arrest so technically he was also a political prisoner before he declared himself president and did a number on the people mainly ' hunting down Obote's supporters' much like Saddam hunted down kurds and Shiites, & his opposition supporters.

    Now I'm not saying Lewis himself will hunt down people, but his call for division and lacking respect for the Gov't democratic process while risking a war with Russia could put him on that list of could have avoided, should have avoided, didn't listen to the warning to ignore these destabilizing propagandist.
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