The future of our country under Democrats (kinda funny)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Aug 18, 2010.

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    OK, so let me say, theres been some intense debate lately, and yeah, liberals are whackos. But, they're also our friends and neighbors, so we gotta lighten the mood a bit and have some friendly poking. Thats what this is, although it's real, but funny, and political related, so I hope it stays on this forum. But here it is:

    Park Bench w/Steel Spikes - Photos - Coast to Coast AM

    If we stay under Democrat rule, and they take us to communism, our park benches will be like China's communist benches. The "people" like them so much they sit on them a lot, and the gov't has money meters and if you don't put in money every timed session, metal spikes poke up from under the seat. Seriously, damn commies.

    If only we could get those seats in Congress, then we'd get some fresh ideas other than the stale tried and failed ones of fake Republicanism and disguised Socialism with a blue D on its label.
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    And what is so funny is that it's the Republican leadership working with corporations so they can move all those American jobs overseas to Communist China.

    Republicans say they hate the communists, but they sure like the work they do. So much in fact, they hope all those American businesses will make China "really strong". That way, they have someplace to sell those products, because their policies gutted this economy and no one here has a job.

    If that was part of their "capitalistic" economic strategy, it seems to be working. Only, what was the "goal"?
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