The Demoschizocratic Party

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    Barbara J. Stock Dec. 20, 2005

    It is difficult to sort out which psychological phase the
    Democratic Party is in from one day to the next. One day they
    want to fight the terrorists and the next day they want cut and

    To claim the hard line leftists are bipolar would be an
    understatement. Hard core liberals shriek not to accuse them of
    being unpatriotic while at the same time they claim America
    cannot win the war in Iraq. While steadfastly declaring that they
    are devoted to our men and women in uniform, a Democratic
    senator compares our troops to Nazis, a Congressman claims
    our soldiers are weak, and “Hanoi Jane” Fonda proclaims that
    our soldiers now have, “How to Commit Atrocities,” as part of
    the military curriculum.

    Reeling from the successful election in Iraq, Democratic
    strategists don’t know how to respond when asked about the
    election. When questioned by a frustrated Tony Snow of FOX
    News, leftist spokeswoman Mary Anne Marsh insisted on
    repeatedly side-stepping the simple question put to her. Mr.
    Snow asked her to put the polls aside and just give her own
    opinion on the election in Iraq, but she could not do it. Like a
    doll with a string in her back, Marsh kept repeating, “The
    American people feel we are failing in Iraq and don’t trust the
    president anymore.” Just pull that string and you would get the
    same thing over and over. She looked foolish and Democrats
    do not speak for all of the American people.

    One should also question some of the “polls” the leftists
    continue to quote. Perhaps feeling brave at the moment,
    Senator John Kerry made the comment that if the Democrats
    take back the House and Senate, impeachment proceedings
    against President Bush should begin. The Zogby poll is well
    known to those who follow such things. In a recent poll, Zogby
    found that 42% of Americans feel that if Bush lied about Iraq, he
    should be impeached. On leftists blogs and websites this
    number is cheered and gleefully compared to the relatively “low
    number” of people who wanted Bill Clinton impeached. That
    number was a mere 41%. That one lone percentage point
    makes all the difference in the vengeful and somewhat irrational
    minds of some of today’s Democrats.

    Congressman John Murtha continues to say that 80% of the
    Iraqi people want the United States military to leave Iraq at
    once. This is not substantiated by a recent poll done for the
    British Broadcasting Company. (BBC) When asked, “Thinking
    ahead to the next 12 months, what would be the best thing
    which could happen to Iraq?” American troops leaving Iraq was
    fourth on their list with only 5.7% of the people feeling that was
    important to them. That doesn’t even account for all the Suni
    Muslims who one would think would the most eager to see the
    Americans leave their country.

    Pursuing this question, it was re-worded and put to the people
    in a different way with little change in the results. When, “What
    would be the worst thing that could happen to Iraq in the next
    12 months?” was asked, the occupation not leaving Iraq
    remained fourth at 8.9% with terrorism coming in third at 11.5%.
    Obviously, the average Iraq citizen is more concerned about
    terrorists than American soldiers.

    What this poll also shows is that John Murtha is wrong. Yet, he
    doggedly continues to make that statement. Murtha must know
    by now that he is making a false statement.

    A recent ABC poll revealed that 57% of the American people
    want our troops to remain in Iraq until the country is stable and
    able to stand on its own. With 57% of the American people
    wanting us to finish the job and not abandon Iraq, Ms. Marsh
    must know that she, too, is not being honest.

    The old adage of “if you repeat a lie often enough, people will
    believe it,” is at work here. Hard line leftist Democrats will
    continue to lie even in the face of overwhelming numbers to the
    contrary, in the hopes that some will believe the lies.

    The latest “scandal” is that the president allowed international
    calls from known terrorists to American citizens to be tapped
    without first obtaining a wiretap court order. Often, these calls
    would come in with no time to run to a judge and get
    permission. We may never know how many lives have been
    saved by the quick action of our intelligence gathering
    agencies. In fact, the law only covers phones calls that start and
    end within the United States. Even the New York Times, which
    “broke” the story after having it for a year, admits that Bush
    broke no laws. But the leftists are in a frenzy declaring that
    Bush is not a “king” and must follow the Constitution.

    The timing of this latest “bombshell” from the troubled Times is
    suspect. The good news from Iraq was threatening to
    overshadow the leftist agenda. Congress was going to be
    voting on renewing the Patriot Act, and there is a little book that
    James Risen has coming out. National security means nothing
    when a leftist has a new anti-Bush book to peddle. Success in
    Iraq must be shouted down.

    The Democratic Party is in a sorry state. The hard working, blue
    collar party that my father was devoted to is dead. It has
    become a whining, lying, self-serving, white-flag-waving
    disgrace. Sooner or later all the lies will catch up with them. The
    successful election in Iraq made reasonable Americans ask
    themselves how the situation in Iraq could be so hopeless when
    so many smiling, happy people were proudly displaying their
    purple badge of honor. If Bush has no plan for Iraq as the
    Democrats insist, then what is it that is at work in Iraq right now?
    The president’s poll numbers are on the rise and we can expect
    the leftists to get even more desperate and shrill. Even the
    tainted New York Times can’t help them now.

    President Bush is no longer on the defensive. When on the
    offensive, he is at his best and he becomes the man the leftists
    seem to fear and hate the most and the American people love.
    The leftists no longer have the stage all to themselves. They
    have become so frantic they now must team up with
    newspapers to discredit the president of the United States and
    assist the enemy once more. The battle is on for the “hearts
    and minds” of the American people and the leftists seem to be

    The truth is as simple as a finger that has been dipped in
    purple ink.

    This writer sum's things up pretty well I think.. The real dems.(if there are any left), better come out and take their party back or their going to fall of the cliff, and soon.

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