Thank you to cops and firemen.

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    Law Enforcement Line of Duty Deaths in 2011

    Just saw a stat on the Officer Down Memorial Page that said cops killed by gunfire is up over 30% this year. This is a frightening trend in recent years, with our cops literally under assault from the criminal element of our society. We recently had a cop and fireman injured on a call, but they're ok. The link above shows most of the officers down this year, with the most recent not yet added, but News Forums for Police Officers Law Enforcement Corrections Sheriffs - will show those.

    We sometimes forget that "Protecting America from enemies both foreign and domestic".....includes the domestic part.

    I clicked on the California and Texas links to that site, and was in a sad shock at how many officers are killed at the hands of criminals.

    Yes, getting a traffic ticket sucks. And yes, sometimes a few can have bad attitudes or be jerks. What population doesn't have those types? But we must remember there are guys 24 hours a day, on our streets, protecting our literal asses from the scumbag criminal and psychotic element of our society.

    Thanks to the cops and firemen, I wish it wasn't so politically bad to advocate pay raises for you all, but the spineless politiciians in local and state government won't do that because they don't want to be seen as the one giving a raise to the men who write traffic tickets.

    Be safe.

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