Target to Ban Bell Ringers

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    Target Ban To Cost Salvation Army $9 Million In Donations
    Salvation Army Looks To Internet Donations

    POSTED: 1:38 pm EST November 16, 2004
    UPDATED: 2:37 pm EST November 16, 2004

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The Salvation Army is preparing for what may be its leanest holiday kettle drive, because Target stores won't allow the bell-ringers back this year.

    The Salvation Army's national spokesman, Major George Hood, said that's likely to cost the Christian charity $9 million in lost holiday collections.

    Target officials said the retail chain has a long-standing policy against solicitations, and can no longer make an exception for the Salvation Army while refusing others.

    "The Salvation Army is a really great thing for people who are unfortunate, collecting funds for them who need that. That is what the holiday season is all about -- giving back to others," said Joseph Graves, a Target customer.

    Some shoppers said they were excited about the change. They said they were relieved there is at least one place where they can go and not be asked for donations.

    But shoppers can expect to see the red kettles and bell ringers posted outside other stores, eagerly waiting donations.

    Hood said Salvation Army kettles and bell-ringers will still be posted outside Wal-Mart and other stores, collecting money to help the needy, homeless and disabled in their local communities.

    Because the Salvation Army can't stand in front of Target stores, the organization has started a virtual kettle on its Web site.

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    Target stores has been the object of an e-mail campaign alleging that they habitually refuse to support military or veterans causes.

    Being somewhat skeptical, I did some cursory research and came upon a site which purportely "debunks" these claims. Seems to me, that instead of disproving the basic claims, the information presented tends to lend them credence.
    (1/28/2004) That this chain letter is borne of misunderstanding is undeniable, but who is to blame? Alas, the jury is still out on that one, but there is no mistake that this chain letter loses validity the longer and wider it circulates.


    Vietnam Veterans Not Worthy Of Target's Help?
    By Dick Forrey

    We asked our local Target store to be a sponsor of the Wall during our spring event. We received back a reply that Veterans do not meet their area of giving. They only donate to area of arts, social actions and education's. If the Vietnam Veterans Memorial does not meet those areas something is wrong at Target stores.

    I E-mailed the corporation and they said the same thing.

    I will not be buying anything at Target Stores again. If the Vietnam Veteran does not meet their area of giving then why should Vietnam Veterans spend their hard earned money there?

    Please pass this only to as many people as you know. Maybe Target and other business will get the message.


    Dick Forrey represents the Howard County (Indiana) Vietnam Veterans organization. In March, 2002, Forrey approached an employee at the local Target store and asked for a monetary contribution to bring the "Traveling Wall," a mobile half-scale replica of the Vietnam Memorial in Washing D.C., to his area. What happened after that remains a case of "he said, they said."

    Daniel Cleland, Customer Service Team Leader for Target, told in 2002 that Target is dedicated to community service, but like most companies, has policies and procedures that must be followed. He explained that Mr. Forrey's frustrations were caused by miscommunication and a failure to observe established guidelines.

    "In March of 2002, a veteran approached one of our stores seeking a $100 donation for a display of the "moving wall" in his area. Target does support events in the communities in which our stores are located. While each store determines which events to sponsor, any contribution is limited and is made in the form of a gift card. The stores are not able to give cash contributions to any organization. Stores are also able to donate volunteer hours to community events and projects.

    "Our corporate giving program that does incorporate cash donations is handled through a process called grants. Unfortunately, the veteran and his organization were not provided the proper information to facilitate consideration of a grant from either the store or our corporate office. The initial response of the team member at the store and the reply from our corporate office are inconsistent with the respectful manner in which we want all of our guests to be treated. We are truly sorry for this oversight and the resulting confusion that has taken place.

    "We accept all applications for grants from January 1 to September 30 of each calendar year. Any guest can request a grants application brochure at their local store, called "Grant Guidelines." Veterans programs may be considered for grants if the subject matter falls into one of our three general areas of giving: education, arts and family violence prevention."

    At that time, Mr. Forrey remained unconvinced. He told that he attempted to apply for a community grant, but was again told that his organization did not fit the "three general areas of giving:"

    "They finally send me a e-mail trying to explain the same thing they said to start with except that we could apply for a grant. I then ask for a grant application and was given the same answer. We as veterans don't meet their requirements for donating. Right back to what I was told to start with. I don't care if anyone else wants to spend money with Target but I sure won't."

    In 2004, Aimee Sands, another spokesperson for Target told that this rumor is not going away. "We've recently seen an increase in inquiries related to the email. New variations appear often..." In a public statement, the company points out that Mr. Forrey has contacted the company and apologized for the life this letter has taken:

    Target is a major corporate sponsor for the "Wall That Heals" 2003 tour, as well as the World War II Memorial and the American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services, along with local veteran and military organizations.

    But this one is not going away. Virtually every chain letter mutates as it circulates, but its almost frightening the degree to which this one has been altered. As it passes from inbox to inbox, Mr. Forrey's little bit of Armchair Activism has picked up virtually every anti-military accusation du jour:

    CLAIM: Target won't support veterans, but will give to "gay & lesbian causes."
    TRUTH: Most versions now misquote Target's 'approved' causes as including "gay & lesbian causes." This was not part of Forrey's original nor is it part of Target's giving policy.

    CLAIM: Target will not allow the Marines to collect for 'Toys for Tots
    TRUTH: According to Target: "Target greatly respects the good work of the Toys for Tots program and all the volunteers who make this program a success every year. Target has a longstanding policy of no-solicitation by any group or organization at our stores. This policy includes the use of our store locations as collection or drop off sites for any type of activity. The only organization that we currently allow to solicit at our stores during the holiday season is the Salvation Army, due to our longstanding relationship with this organization."

    So along with Target's rejection of the Marines' Toys for Tots program, Target is now giving the Salvation Army the boot as well. Sounds to me like they're another corporate weasel attempting to hide their miserly corporate policies behind ambiguous and vague public policy statements.

    A wide berth is the only thing I'll be giving Target stores from here on out.
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    Hannity was talking about this yesterday on his radio show and I think Target will be loosing a lot of business this year,if you go by the callers he was getting. I personally think there must be some truth to this veterans allegations,and now they are giving Salvation Army the boot? Screw em,Wal Mart is cheaper anyway!!! If they had any brains,they would realize that this is horrible PR. SOmeone that called Hannity's show yesterday said they have to turn everyone away,not just one group,but Hannity disagreed saying Wal Mart allows who they want and tells the others no. I believe it does boils down to greed. Do they really think if someone puts a dollar in a kettle that they won't spend as much money in the store? And what about the greedy asses that are glad they won't be solicited? It's not like they bother you-they just sit in a chair and ring a bell for Pete's sake.

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