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    1. Before traveling to America, many of the Pilgrims left England to start their own church. To which European country did they move:
    a. Holland b. France c. Spain d. Germany

    2. Where in America did the Mayflower land?
    a. Cape Code b. Plymouth Rock c. Boston d. Cambridge

    3. What year is commonly accepted as the date of the first Thanksgiving?
    a. 1645 b. 1621 c. 1703 d. 1597

    4. What was the name of the Native American tribe with whom the colonists shared the first Thanksgiving?
    a. Delaware b. Apache c. Wampanoag d. Miami

    5. How many Pilgrims and Wampanoag attended the feast?
    a. 90/50 b. 50/50 c. 50/90 d.60/80

    6. Which of the items below was on the menu for that early feast?
    a. Beef b. Pumpkin pie c. Venison d. Mashed potatoes

    7. In 1676 the governing council of Charlestown, MA, made the first recorded Thanksgiving proclamation. In what month was that Thanksgiving to be held?
    a. October b. June c. November d. August

    8. Which president proclaimed the first national day of Thanksgiving:
    a. Lincoln b. FDR c. W.H. Harrison d. Geo. Washington

    9. Which Native American served as a mediator between the pilgrims and the Native Indians?
    a. Squanto b. Pocahontas c. Sacajawea d. Black Hawk

    1. Holland, 2. Cape Code, 3. 1621, 4. Wampanoag, 5. 90/50, 6. Venison,
    7. June, 8. Geo. Washington, 9. Squanto

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