t the Bastards! (Caught Like Rats in a Trap)

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    SECURITY chiefs were jubilant last night after police and SAS troops combined brilliantly to corner 21/7 bombing suspects like rats in a trap.

    A day of drama ended with ALL five men wanted over last week’s botched London suicide attacks in custody.

    Muktar Mohammed-Said, 27, thought to have attempted to blow himself up on a No26 bus, was arrested after a siege at a West London flat.

    A man wanted over the Oval Tube attack, named last night as Ramzi Mohammed, was held at the same address.

    In another raid less than a mile away, a suspected terrorist said to have dumped a rucksack bomb after 21/7 was nicked.

    He was named as Ramzi’s 22-year-old brother Wahbi.

    And in Rome, police arrested Hussain Osman, 27 — alleged to have been the Shepherd’s Bush bomber.

    The other alleged gang member, Yassin Hassan Omar, 24, was seized in Birmingham on Wednesday over the Warren Street Tube attack.

    Sources said both Ramzi and Osman were Somalis who came to the UK with their families and later claimed British citizenship.

    Said and Omar were also East Africans who had become British nationals.

    Said and the Oval suspect gave themselves up after a tense stand-off at Dalgarno Gardens on the Peabody Estate in Notting Hill, West London.

    SAS troops blew the front door off its hinges with a small specially-designed explosive charge.



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