Sudan Seeks to Control Foreign Presence

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    Vice-President, Dr. Al-Haj Adam Yousif reiterated the state's interest to control and organize the foreign presence through activation of legislation and policies in this area.
    Meeting of the High Council for Immigration Affairs, chaired by Vice-President yesterday, had reviewed draft law on employment of non-Sudanese and listened to a report from control mechanism of diplomatic and organizations presence.
    The meeting directed to prepare a timetable to implement the recommendations and submit it to the Council of Ministers.
    The meeting reassured on efforts to demarcate the border with neighboring countries.
    Meanwhile, Minister of Interior, Mahmoud Ibrahim Hamid stressed that the main reason for the increase of immigration to Sudan is the development of the country in all fields.
    During his statement before the Council of States yesterday, the Minister announced that the number of foreigners who have legal residency is about 1.5, according to official reports.
    Hamid said that the number of illegal aliens is more than million. He said that the foreign presence has contributed in the construction of development projects, such as oil, mining and agriculture. The Minister acknowledged that there are some disadvantages, especially in the areas of security, economic, social and health. Hamid pointed to the emergence of new patterns of crimes such as human trafficking and weapons, money laundering and drugs.
    The Minister stressed that foreigners represent approximately 5% of the total population, which negatively affects the cultural heritage.
    Hamid denied that the increase in crime rates due to the increase of foreigners. He affirmed the state attention to health aspects of foreigners in Sudan, especially infectious diseases.
    The Minister tackled measures taken to secure the borders and monitoring networks of organized crime.
    The council members called for increasing control on foreigners and development of measures to legalize illegal immigration.
    The council passed unanimously the statement of the Minister of Interior with some recommendations, including benefit of foreign presence and experiences of the major countries in addressing migration issues.

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