Stop the Madness

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    "Stop the Madness"

    There is breaking news coming out of Israel today that a Palestinian terror cell has been busted. The report is that they were targeting vehicles traveling along Route 443. Three of the terrorists confessed to hurling molotov cocktails at motorists passing by. Two of the terrorists were underage and their names have been withheld.

    This is not the first time there has been violence against motorists in the region. Earlier in the year, other terror cells were caught attacking vehicles in the same area.

    Those who were arrested turned over the names of 20 individuals who were allegedly involved in terrorism against motorists traveling in that region. Those suspects have also been detained. One member of the terror cell was identified as belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

    As I continue to read reports coming in about terrorism in Israel, two things have become clear to me. First, the IDF and Israeli police are being overwhelmed by these type of attacks. Just yesterday news came out about a Palestinian woman who was killed after attempting to knife an Israeli security guard. She was only 23 years old. While biased news media and U.N. reports blame Israel for defending herself, what else should she do? Die?

    Second, these young people have been indoctrinated into terrorism through brainwashing techniques which began when they were only babes. It is an outrage that any legitimate news source would excuse this as a matter of cultural differences or a dispute over land. I vehemently disagree! The young people who are becoming caught up in this conflict were never given the opportunity to decide what they wanted for their own lives! It was decided for them and that is wrong.

    While the world acts as innocent bystanders to the most heinous violations of human rights and pretends not to know the cause, it is painfully clear who has violated their rights:

    "Those who ignore terrorism, those who fund and promote terrorism and those who act out terrorist attacks.

    The logic of terrorism is insanity. If I were to reward my son every time he attempted to murder his younger brother, he would eventually murder everyone in the house.

    The right response would be for me to immediately remove him from the house and let him know that under no circumstances will bad behavior be rewarded. I would file the necessary charges for attempted murder and let my younger son know that he was safe. As the parent and the adult in the house, I have a responsibility to make sure he is protected and that his older brother receives the help he needs (discipline).

    If I can figure that out, what possible excuse could the leaders of this world have for not realizing that what they are doing won't work? If we reward lawlessness in a society, we'll soon have more lawlessness.

    This isn't rocket science. Take note of who is silent on these issues and demand they speak up or step down. For the sake of the Palestinian youth and for the sake of Israel. We must face the truth and stop the madness.

    Link to news report:
    Israeli Security Forces Catch Palestinian Terror Cell that Attacked Drivers | United with Israel
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