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    Source The New York Times

    Two of the masters of our universe dominating and manipulating our political universe.

    Just a public service announcement, folks.

    It's getting to the point in the political process where we need to name the names behind the conspiracy to end the democratic process

    Everybody here seemed to knew the name Soros, he's one of the prime donors to so called liberal causes.

    Now we know the names of the of two of the prime donors to the so-called conserative causes.


    These guys's contributions to conservatism are, of course, huge compared to Soros' meager contributions.

    Koch industries is, for example, among the top 100 contributors to the political parties based on data released by the FEC on August 01, 2010.

    But as is obvious, contributions to the parties or candidates is only one way that people insinuate them,slves into the game of politics.

    And when it comes to putting his money where his mouth is, Kock is possible the most powerful master of the current political universe.

    Make a note of it.
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