Sick Pakistan Railway system

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    Sick Pakistan Railway system
    I want to share why Pakistan Railway system is sick and so back ward, if we compare with only Asian countries like Iran, India, Japan etc than realized how their Railway system is how organized and giving facility to own country people.

    But shame on Pakistan RAILWAY due to corrupt, dis-honest staff plus those who responsible to run Pakistan Railway mis-use the funds which allocated for development or upgrade of Pakistan Railway.

    The news which I read regarding Pakistan Railway 6 trains have no lights and no fans

    1. Bahauddin Zakariya Express
    2. Khawja Farid Express
    3. Khushal Khan Khattak Express
    4. Bolan Express
    5. Pakistan Express
    6. Allam Iqbal Express

    More painful one passenger died last month who travelling Awami Express which was 16 hours late, no water in its tanks and interesting its fan switch off? Any action taken against lost of innocent passenger life?

    Perhaps Pakistan Railway only learn how to charge the fare but on return fail to give basic facilities in which those who travelling in Pakistani Train they realized.

    I must say how Indian make remarkable progress in Railway system, I am talking about only for Mumbai where the local train of 2 types Slow train &Fast train, those who travel in Mumbai local train can't deny the Indian Railway Services.

    More interesting to share that every station electric indicator that which train will come for which area at what time. Majority of Indian prefer to travel in train as compare to own car, Taxi or Buses the reason no sure what time reach the destination, waste of time and money. Their up cities train system is also good and most of time reaches the destination on time but where Pakistani Railways seldom reach the destination on time.

    Why not the Railway Minister not sincere to improve the system and if we compare with other countries or get help / assistance should be utilize for the development of Railway.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    Ashfaq Sharif

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