?She cries wolf again?

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    Hello America I'm here to discuss a problem in our justice system. The problem of ego-maniac judges and some...I'll say over the top women ruining mens lives. Now this is not some sexist rant ladies so don't get it twisted. I'm sure we all know someone thats been abused in this manner. Just seems men don't get a fair chance.

    In restraining order hearings, judges may ignore ALL traditional due process protections such as jury trials, the rules of evidence, the right to innocent until proven guilty, etc. They may also usurp several other dearly held rights, such as the right to be with one's children, to occupy one's own home and property, or travel where one pleases. No one has yet come up with so demonic a perversion of our legal system to match the breathtaking scope of the unconstitutional deprivations of this law.

    What is the actual legal basis for getting an abuse restraining order? Many courts issue restraining orders without following the requirements of the law (which are already so flimsy as to be a mockery.) If a person comes in to court (called the ‘complainant' or ‘plaintiff') and whines about feeling ‘fear', a court will often issue an order, even though many times it is improper and illegal to do it.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg weigh in America tell me how you feel. Ladies to please your feedback is vital. :razz:

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