Scourge: Celebrity Argument (Enron/Kavanaugh)

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    Does media make you think of Toys or Celebrity?





    As Americans embraced a new media culture, society scandals took shape (e.g., Fisher-Buttafuoco, the Menendez Brothers, Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas, Clinton-Lewinsky). Working women were more 'conscious' of the gossip-aura in the office-place, and they became more sensitive about what kids would see on TV. It was if social networking brought with it an eerie 'scourge' of slander, corruption, vice, and persecution.


    The Enron scandal showed people that economics/finance was not 'secured' morally in the age of commerce and consumerism. The Kavanaugh sexual-assault allegations involving the Supreme Court showed people that people in high positions were not immune from the troubles of hearsay and vice. Society pundits wondered who was watching humanity engaging in all this 'strangeness' if not God.


    A female comic book artist and aficionado named Hilary Satan loved Wonder Woman (DC Comics) and wanted to reference her in discussions/ideas about the rights of women in the modern world to explore 'alternative ethics' (or even belief systems) when examining the sociological impact of all this 'media turbulence.' Hilary ran online Ouija sessions dressed as Wonder Woman herself(!) and invoked the spirits of the Marvel Comics super-villains Venom (a male brutish mutant) and Carnage (a male mayhem 'specialist') to debate with Wonder Woman! Hilary (aka 'Wonder Woman') wanted to prove that any woman could challenge the terrorist-spirit of a 'male figure' on a media platform. She was a real crusader.


    Horrifyingly enough, Hilary's 'trick' 'actually' worked. The demonic spirits of Venom and Carnage were actually 'released' during one of Hilary's online Ouija sessions. Suddenly, the world had to deal with the two lethal spectres, Venom and Carnage, roaming around U.S. cities such as New York and spreading messages about pure anarchy and vice. Hilary didn't know what to do so she decided to use her Ouija board to beg for the release of the heroic-spirit of Wonder Woman herself. It worked! Wonder Woman came to Earth to help humanity deal with this 'modern hell' as Venom and Carnage licked their chops. What would happen?


    Wonder Woman wrestled with Venom and Carnage on top of the Empire State Building in New York City. She used her shield and lance to plug and parry and keep Venom and Carnage away from her while jabbing and prodding them. Her shield enabled her to block any lethal blow or claw-reach used by Venom/Carnage. Finally, Wonder Woman was able to tie up the two demonic creatures and then use her special 'exorcism mantra' to send them back to the underworld. She then lit a special green candle on top of the Empire State Building and departed.


    Hilary Satan was so relieved that Wonder Woman saved the day that she blogged on the Internet, promising never to play Ouija again. However, a strange alien-robot from the distant planet of Cybertron picked up the 'psychic-waves' emitted by the Ouija sessions on the Internet which directly led to the release of Venom/Carnage. This robot, named Scourge, was a force of subversiveness and was intrigued by why humans would want to use voodoo on an electronic board to open up gates of turbulence. Scourge decided to visit Earth and debate/chat with Hilary Satan.


    SCOURGE: You mix apples and oranges with your eOuija-game.
    HILARY: I no longer engage in that 'eOuija-game.'
    SCOURGE: Do you know who/what I am?
    HILARY: I imagine you're an alien-visitor A.I. robot from another planet.
    SCOURGE: Yes, but I'm not like Venom/Carnage; I'm not from Hell.
    HILARY: I understand that; humans know little about aliens and A.I.
    SCOURGE: I know; I'm not here to terrorize your planet.
    HILARY: What did you want to ask me?
    SCOURGE: I want to know what prompted you to play Ouija.
    HILARY: I suppose I felt 'passionate' about alternative spirituality.
    SCOURGE: You wanted to use voodoo to talk about populism-politics?
    HILARY: Yes! I didn't know that Venom/Carnage would be released.
    SCOURGE: Things are not so...simple...are they?
    HILARY: No, I'm incredibly humbled; what do you think I should do?
    SCOURGE: You seem to care about this 'media-network imagination.'
    HILARY: I'm so sick and tired of all these society-media scandals upsetting networks.
    SCOURGE: I'm not an angel of God; I care nothing for celebrity or consumerism.
    HILARY: What is your message?
    SCOURGE: I want you to promote Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike on the Internet!
    HILARY: The actor and actress from Top Gun and Gone Girl? Why?
    SCOURGE: I want Americans to consider why public role models are 'fashion diplomats.'
    HILARY: Right; and if I do, you'll depart from Earth in peace; alright, I'll do just that!


    After Scourge departed (since Hilary Satan promised to do what he commanded her to do), Hilary blogged on the Internet about why/how Cruise and Pike were 'media figures' who served as society-customs and fashion/trend 'diplomats,' reminding everyday consumers of the general value of pro-media shopping. Hilary saw that her readers were intrigued by her notion that society 'fashion' in media (e.g., celebrities) encouraged discussions about the value of marketing. Now, more and more Americans were thinking a tad more clearly about the important impact of passionate 'fan-zine culture.' Would TrumpUSA fare well?




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