Sassanid were Kurds not Persians

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    The place Turks and Iranians fear
    Professor Rashid Yasemi at Tehran University in a series of articles entitled "Sassanids, were Kurds not Persians" brought back the Sassanid to the Kurds. Ardashir Babak Sasan, was a priest in the temple of Anahita in Alzerdashti Persepaulss (Persepolis) under Albertien.His father had erected a major military city of Dara. Since the year 212 AD, Ardeshir became the lord of all Iranian provinces at the time of Albertien Ackanyen by defeating the rulers or killing them, angering King Alberti Ardouan V The Last King of Albertien. ALTabari said that Ardeshir did not descend from a royal family.

    So Ardouan waged war against Ardashir in Hermzrkan, and the battle ended in the killing the King Ardouan by the stuborn Ardashir.
    The world was divided between the two empires Sasanian in the east and the Byzantines in the West, but they were in constant conflict . The Byzantines Emperors treated Sassanid kings respectfully because they were strong and severe . They called them with the title Bazelios which means emperor because they were equal in power .Romans borrowed many ideas from the Sassanid especially Manichaeism and Almtheraiip .. The Sassanid had commercial relations with the Arabs of Mecca,.. The empire declined during the rise of Islam and the wars were still raging at the time of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Sassanids spread in Yemen, Oman and around the Arabian island, Bahrain, Al Yamamah, Mecca. Mecca had trade business with the Sassanid and Roman together for fear of blocking their trade roads by the two empires. Roman Byzantines instituted their influence beyond the Euphrates and to the Levant, Africa, Europe and Asia Minor.
    This dynasty was named Balsasanyen, the great grandfather of Ardeshir. After that rule, 33 kings ruled for a period of 427 years. 1) Ardchiranip 2) Shapur I (241-272 m), who brought together the doctrine Manichaean and colleced Zoroastrian books. They spread in India, Roman countries and other areas for that purpose, because Alexander the Macedonian burned Zoroastrian books when he entered Persia and killed Darius the Persian King, who had a great number of precious books which dealt with medicine, astrology, movement, time and location, material and character, basic needs, ephemeral and change the qualitative logic and the art. They were added to Avesta, the book of Zoroaster. Some of the Sassanid kings visited Kaaba, as well as their grandfather Sasan.

    The Sassanid religion was Zoroastrianism. It became the official religion of the country and named by the Prophet Zoroaster, the Median who was born in the reign of the Median King Kstesp bin Herasp, in the year 628 BC. He spread his teachings and books written on the skins of bulls. 12000 pieces of these made a book called Ballavecta, which was written in Kurdish line like the line used by the present Indians. Sassanids did not spread their religion outside of their country, because they did not want strangers to adopt their religion. They believed in good deeds, monotheism and The Day of Resurrection.
    Nowruz feast.
    The Sassanid kings of made festivals which embody the Median King Jim (known Bazdhak) and celebrated Nowruz, in 21 / March of each year, Nowruz became the national feast for the Kurds and Persians as well.
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