Royal Waivers from Passed Law

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    Royal Waivers from Passed Law

    By Bruce Johnson

    A disturbing trend in the attitude and actions of this administration is the disregard for the law as actually passed by Congress and signed by his predecessors.

    The reason it is referred to as "law" is so it can not be changed or altered by the whim of an executive or an administration.


    Waivers from ObamaCare

    One thousand three hundred and seventy-two is the current count of waivers from ObamaCare. Most have been given to those with Union affiliations (full list here). If ObamaCare is the wonderful legislation that it is touted to be, why so many waivers? For that matter, why are all the senators and representatives, and families of same, exempt from ObamaCare? No wonder they didn't bother to read it.

    Waivers from immigration laws

    This number can range from 800 million to nearly double that number. Why the "magic wand" here, and not real legislation from our elected representatives? Immunity from deportation for young illegal immigrants is a breach of faith with Americans. It also blatantly ignores the law. Undocumented immigrants who came to the United States under the age of 16 and have lived in the country for at least five years can apply for the relief, so long as they are under the age of 30, according to a memo from DHS. They also must be either an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or armed forces or a student who has graduated from high school or obtained a GED. Immigrants will not be eligible if they "pose a threat to national security or public safety," including having been convicted of a felony, a "significant" misdemeanor, or multiple misdemeanors.

    This is so full of holes that one wonders if the "holes" were by design.

    Go easy on the Occupiers

    Give them special consideration. Ignore the law. On Nov. 6, 2011, DHS/National Protection and Programs Directorate Chief of Staff Caitlin Durkovich asked GSA's Peck if it was true that his agency had asked Federal Protective Service officials not to take action against the Occupy Portland protesters.

    "Yes, that is our position," said Peck. "It's been vetted with our Administrator and Michael Robertson, our chief of staff, and we have communicated with the WH [White House], which has afforded us the discretion to fashion our approach to Occupy issues...The arrests last week were carried out despite our request that the protesters be allowed to remain and to camp overnight[.]" Read here.

    Black Panther polling place thuggery
    War Powers Act
    Rewriting passed law
    Misrepresenting Law

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