Rhode Island radicals want to tear down WW2 memorial

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by whitehall, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Left wing Rhode Island anti-religion fanatics want to tear down a 60 year old monument to WW2 Veterans because there is a two ft Cross on top. To their credit the officials in the town where the monument is located vowed to keep the memorial. It reminiscent of a decades old fight about a Korean War monument in San Diego that had a 40 ft Cross. While we weren't paying attention the democrat party sided with the agnostics and the liberal media virtually ignored the issue when the half century old monument was ordered bulldozed. The first agenda after the Russian Revolution was to systematically remove every vestige of Russian religious history. Chairman Mao did the same thing in China. When you have a member of Obama's staff telling school kids that Chairman Mao was her personal hero it's a wake-up call. We have to keep track of this stuff even if the media refuses to do so and we need to take back our Country before it's too late.

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