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    Malkin: REMEMBER THE COLE (U.S.S. Cole, Oct. 12, 2000) ^ | 10-12-05 | Michelle Malkin


    Michelle Malkin

    · October 12, 2005 09:05 AM

    Today is the fifth anniversary of the U.S.S. Cole bombing. Please take a moment to note the event on your blogs today if you have a chance. Stars and Stripes pays tribute to the 17 sailors killed in the terrorist attack, the dozens wounded, the survivors, and the families affected. Command Master Chief James Parlier will never forget the decision he was forced to make in leaving a mortally wounded sailor to die:

    “That’s the first time in my Navy career that I had to let someone die, so I did,” Parlier said. “I made the call. I said last rites. I said a prayer and then we put him on the side somewhere so he wouldn’t be in a position where he was dying in front of the crew and demoralizing the crew.”
    What did demoralize the crew was Yemenis celebrating the attack in view of Cole crewmembers for a couple of nights following the attack, Parlier said. They felt the Cole was their trophy, he said.

    “Boy, that sticks [with me], seeing all these guys in white outfits jumping up and down, partying music blaring,” he said.

    For the Cole’s sailors, it was tough not to retaliate, he said.

    The Cole incident was one of a series of terrorist attacks in the 1990s that were not adequately answered by the United States, said Marc Genest, an associate professor of strategy and policy at the Naval War College.

    “Measured responses against terrorist organizations are seen as a sign of weakness, not strength,” he said.

    Genest said the overall lesson from the Cole is that not responding to terrorists’ attacks only emboldens them.

    “The time to attack terrorists is at the very beginning of their strategy,” he said.

    Mark Davis also writes about MSM neglect today in the Dallas Morning News.

    Jack Kelly of Irish Pennants has an excellent column on the subject as well:
    The media is remarkably incurious about terrorism coincidences.

    (See also Daveed Gartenstein-Ross on what we know and don't know about the OU bomber.)

    The right side of the blogosphere has been divided over the Miers nomination. But I hope and believe we still stand together as stalwart supporters of the war on Islamic terror at home and abroad. The MSM and the Left have failed miserably to learn the lesson of the Cole. Do what you can to make sure those American sailors murdered by al Qaeda did not die in vain.
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    Thanks for the reminder!

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