Reagan Trajectory III--This Time For The Causal Bureaucrats!

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    So as repeated before, In Reagan Trajectory I, which was three administrations of Reagan-Bush, then the rich engineers and government contractors got the federal stimulus money. This is now called, "The Entrepreneurial Spirt," of charging everything off to the federal government.

    In Reagan Trajectory II, which was two administrations of Bush-Cheney-Paulson-Bernanke(?)--then the rich engineers and government contractors got the federal stimulus warbucks, more evidence of, "The Entrepreneurial Spirt:" The poor couldn't repay the mortgages, and the rich houses all came tumbling down--unless they got the federal stimulus bail-outs.

    In Reagan Trajectory, III, which is barely one year of Obama-Biden-Reid and Pelosi: Now there is even accounting for it! People know that Trajectories I and II were famous for youth gang murders and cultures, astronomical minority teen unemployment rates, and now adding in the street violence in the Chicago-Land from where "guess-who" is homeboy, (from Punahou School(?))!

    Which Jobs Got Stimulus Boost? Answers Are on the Way - Economy * US * News * Story -

    Apparently the public school teachers and university faculty--all got the money that no one else got! In the "Entrepreneurial Spirt," of Reagan Trajectory III, then the federal grant contactors will now have to account for just how much of, "The Entrepreneurial Spirit" they actually got, too! The teachers and the faculty got the fixed percentage pay raises, and fixed percentage COLAs, year-after-year, and called that "The right and proper thing to do!" They even got, and even get, Nobel prizes for it. The federal, state, and local bureaucracies got the same. The rich contractors just got fixed perecentage savings interest, or investment income, from fixed amount dollars per share. The teachers and the bureaucrats know nothing of these things.

    In Reagan Trajectory III, so much entrepreneurial spirited largesse was sent out to the rich people: That even some accountants could even be found who actually traced the "sources sought:" As it Were.

    But, what they all seem to have in common, is that they don't work!

    Oslo seems to be in the vanguard, of Europe and the other nations: Aware that the Reagan Trajectory doesn't work, along with the beneficiaries of it. Canada is booming, China, Europe, Australia and Brazil are long since out any sense of any global recession. Then there is, The Other Line(?), apparently "homo sapiens--the educated version," which doesn't seem to have a clue about this.

    Oslo notices that worldwide, humans all have aspirations which they share in common with other peoples. We are given to recall that, "Moscow Rules," that "Britannia Rules," that "Persia Rules," that "Israel Rules," that "Mexican Drug Lords Rule," that "Chicago Rules(?)," that "Libya Rules," that "Venezuela Rules," that "North Korea Rules," that "South Africa Rules," and that "Kenya Rules," and on and on. Besides the entrepreneurial largesse, there is just so much aspirational largesse--among the peoples of our planet: That just somehow, it all seemed relevant: To keep the minds of Americans, off of the economy!"

    Even the Chimpanzees can notice this!

    Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (As also noted elsewhere, the correct Indian Name can also be regarded, "Crawling Drunk:" On our planet of aspirations!)
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