Peoria, IL-Laid off Caterpillar workers, put 1st crack in Obama's stim. tour

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    President Obama headed to Peoria, IL for a town hall meeting yesterday on his economic stimulus tour of the hardest hit areas around the country.

    While giving his speech, I believe at the Caterpillar factory, he stated that he had talked to the CEO of Caterpillar, that the CEO stated that when this economic stimulus bill passed, he would start to re-hire the laid off workers!

    Well, it turns out that's not quite the story. This same CEO of this Caterpillar plant was contacted by the media to remark on Obama's comments. The CEO told the reporter he said no such thing to President Obama.

    Today--Obama's press secretary--looked like a deer in the headlights when continually pressed by a reporter about this incident. Finally, the reporter got frustrated & told the press secretary to move onto another topic.

    At this same town hall meeting--full of laid off Caterpillar workers, President Obama told them to contact their representative--who was also at this town meeting to encourage him to vote for this new stimulus bill. As it turns out they did confront their representative & overwhelmingly--these laid-off workers were against the stimulus bill.

    The more this goes on--the more comical it gets!

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