Peace work in various philosophies and tradtions

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    I'm interested in the work of Marshall Rosenberg on non-violent communication. Anyone else have something to share?

    At the beginning of Marshall 's presentation in a Palestinian refugee camp, an angry Palestinian father stood up and screamed, "You murderer!" Using his NVC skills, Marshall Rosenberg sensed that this man was venting his anger toward America at him personally. Instead of reacting defensively, Rosenberg connected with the man's deep feelings of frustration and his need to be heard. Al most instantly, the tension in the room was diffused and a productive conversation about difficult issues facing those in the camp continued, with both sides sharing and listening respectfully. At the end of the evening the same man who had yelled "Murderer" invited Marshall home to a Ramadan dinner. Focused on shared human needs and heartfelt connection with others, NVC promises to help guide us to a more peaceful world.
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