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    for 20 million illegal aliens is not the right thing to do or in the best interest of this country and it’s time Obama listen to how American citizens feel about immigration reform and not what president Calderone wants. Of course Calderone want to keep seeing $35 billion from illegals in this country going into his economy..
    Amnesty, what a path to citizenship really is, is not the right thing to do for Americans and not fair to those who are waiting legally to enter this country.
    Amnesty automatically put illegal aliens ahead of legal immigrants because they are already here benefitting from the system and those waiting legally are left behind.
    Amnesty for 20 million illegals here means they can bring their family members here which will add million more to the system and they have done nothing legally to enter this country but riding on the coat-tails of family members who manage to enter this country illegally and puts them ahead.
    So much for keeping families together. Criminals, like illegal aliens, make the choice that may separate them from their families. They left families behind when the came here. And we do not reward them with amnesty. What is Obama going to do for those men who committed crimes and are in prison, to keep them from being separated from their children? Most of them are not violent criminals either.
    American taxpayers are not responsible for 20 million illegal aliens, their children and family members in Mexico. Some who may be elderly, handicap and disabled.
    Illeagl immigration has added millions to our education, healthcare, welfare and law enforcement system and amnesty will add million more. Amnesty now will not solve the immigration problem but will only mean another amnesty in 20 years and the nightmare will continue year after year. The pattern began with the 1986 amnesty.
    It is way too much to ask of the American people, who have responsibilities to their own families and own elderly, handicap and disable citizens to think about.
    We have 5 million anchor babies ( and growing daily) who did nothing to become citizens but being born to illegal aliens who are citizens of other countries. The 14th amendment is what is separating families and not immigration enforcement with deportation.

    Americans have to let Obama know how they feel about immigration reform with amnesty; - Elected Officials

    “Fool me once, (1986) shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.”

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