Over 40,000 Of These Jewels......

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    ........each one doing it's own trick. One biggie in common. They are about to meet a ghost floating on a cloud, fly off to paradise to live forever while folks who don't believe the way they do roast in a pit:

    1. The Bridge Church (website)

    2. Crossway Baptist Church (website)

    3. Church by the Bridge (website)

    4. Christ Church Inner West (website)

    5. Redeemer Presbyterian Church (website)

    6. All Saints Petersham (website)

    7. St Paul’s Anglican Church (website)

    8. St Paul’s Anglican Church Ginninderra (website)

    9. Lower Mountains Anglican Parish (website)

    10. Bethlehem Baptist Church (website)

    11. Tenth Presbyterian Church (website)

    12. Stonebriar Community Church (website)

    13. Church of the Open Door (website)

    14. Crossroads Christian Church (website)

    15. Willetton Christian Reformed Church (website)

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