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    This relatively short op-ed nails the real signal that WI recall election should send- well worth the read.

    <snip>Putting aside Edwards' despicable personal conduct, he is emblematic of the corrupt patronage system that Walker ended in Wisconsin — the one that allows government unions to cement relationships with self-serving politicians, leaving taxpayers unrepresented and rendering many states insolvent. By voting decisively to retain Walker (the only U.S. governor to survive a recall), Cheeseheads declared the jig is finally up for this brand of special-interest cronyism and the politicians who perpetuate it — at least in Wisconsin.

    The truth is that public-sector unions don't serve a compelling social need, because governments don't exploit labor for profits. Furthermore, as Franklin Roosevelt cautioned, “The process of collective bargaining … cannot be transplanted into the public service ... (without risking) paralysis of government by those who have sworn to support it.” Realizing this, President Carter reduced collective-bargaining rights for federal employees by signing the Civil Service Reform Act.

    It's ironic that public-sector unions met their match in Wisconsin, the birthplace of American progressivism and public-sector unionism, where roughly two-thirds of voters either are or are related to union members. Now, progressive Wisconsin is proof that the crisis of the modern entitlement state being played out worldwide — from the eurozone to California — doesn't have to be a Greek tragedy.<snip>

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