One place the stimulus has worked - Research and Development

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    Govt. Labs See Bright Future, For Now | R&D Mag

    ORNL, Ballard reports, has been adding 100 to 150 new jobs per year and adding an average of one computer scientist a week. NASA GRC is also adding people: Lugo reports that a request had been made to hire 600 new engineers and technologists, and about 300 have been funded.

    In the last year, NREL hired one degreed scientist, engineer, or technician every work day.

    At LLNL, strong growth was seen in the photon and optical science programs, cyber security, and climate programs. With a staff of about 6,500, LLNL anticipates hiring 5% of that number in 2010. Finding experienced mid-career people, however, is a continuing challenge, says Krishnan.


    So, what good is science? Why do we need scientists? What do scientists "develop"?
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    You view this as a good thing?

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