Ogerman's Actions are Straight out of the Liberal Playbook

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    Ogerman can't beat Beck in the ratings so he is going to do everything he can to tear him down personally....

    Sorry liberals but your calls for unity aren't heard when people like Ogerman rip everything this country was founded on, and the people that support everything this country was founded on.

    Olbermann Wants Dirt on Glenn Beck, Roger Ailes

    Q2 Cable Ratings: FNC Dominance; Up Across the Board; 10 Top Shows
    By Chris Ariens on Jun 30, 2009 03:15 PM

    Fox News Channel continued its ratings dominance in the just concluded second quarter. Compared to Q2 '08 FNC is up an astonishing 33% among Total Viewers and up 44% in the A25-54 demo in Total Day (Monday-Sunday). In primetime (Monday-Friday) the numbers are even more impressive: up 35% in Total Viewers and up 54% in younger viewers. FNC is on-track to have the highest rated year in the network's 13 year history.

    In primetime, Fox News has more Total Viewers and younger viewers than MSNBC and CNN combined.

    Fox News occupies the Top 10 spots on cable news among Total Viewers:

    8pm - O'Reilly Factor — 3,188,000
    9pm - Hannity — 2,341,000
    5pm - Glenn Beck — 2,053,000
    10pm - On the Record — 1,950,000
    6pm - Special Report — 1,889,000
    7pm - Fox Report — 1,757,000
    11pm - O'Reilly Factor — 1,579,000
    9am - America's Newsroom — 1,399,000
    4pm - Your World — 1,389,000
    3pm - Studio B — 1,169,000

    Fox News is the #3 basic cable network in primetime - behind USA and TNT. CNN is #23 and MSNBC is #25.
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