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    Almost everyone in the federal government is faithful to their unspoken oath “Obey and Glorify the President.” Few in the federal government who are required to take the oath of office are faithful to their spoken oath “. . . support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic . . .”. Those who blindly obey and glorify the president would not defend the Constitution knowing the president is a domestic enemy. That is the way of institutions in the hands of one man.

    The template

    Roman Catholics obeyed and glorified the slimiest of Popes —— they went so far as to declare the Pope, any Pope, infallible in matters of faith and morals.

    No corrupt individual at the head of an institution can get away with breaking the law unless they have the unflagging loyalty of the people who know him best. Every dictator, the boss of every criminal enterprise, the leader of every street gang, every person who builds an institution demands loyalty above all else. Even wannabes have their version. Every punk aspiring to greatness begins with one follower. The word loyalty is too esoteric for beginners in the gutter so they say “Back me up.” That’s coward’s talk for loyalty. “Back me up” quickly becomes “Do as you are told.”

    “Do as you are told” evolves into “You know what I want. Do it without being told.” That last one is the ultimate test of loyalty because the saps cannot claim “I was only following orders.”

    Hussein is the slimiest president ever, yet federal judges, Congress, and bureaucrats have all but declared him infallible in all things. Hussein, and Clinton before him, counted on help from the people who prop up presidential omnipotence. They got so much help they turned the country into their personal sewer.

    Remember when nobody ever rolled over on the Clintons. Loyalty meant silence when laws were shattered. A few went to jail for the Clintons. The same shield is in place for Hussein. Those two were so successful in commanding silence they wiped out John Adams: “America is a nation of laws ... not men.”

    Today, liars, parasites, and Socialists cite John Adams when they want something because in their minds the president is the nation of laws.


    Bob Unruh did a lengthy, informative, piece about executive orders. Notice that:

    The New York Times and Bush duly noted —— it was Clinton who blazed the trail Hussein is following:

    Do you see the similarity between the Clinton/Hussein EO scheme and FDR’s failed scheme to pack the Supreme Court? Congress and the Court had a vested interest in stopping FDR. Not so in stopping Hussein. Obey & Glorify has gained tremendous acceptance since FDR.

    This is what executive orders are supposed to be:

    Since making laws and dictating new policy has become the norm under Hussein:

    The unspoken oath “Obey and Glorify the President” provides the only answer to the question: NOTHING.

    Here’s the link to a MUST READ article about executive orders:


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