Obama to nonunion Americans: Get lost

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Stephanie, Oct 26, 2011.

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    BINGO!!!!! but all you NON union peons make sure YOU vote for his reelection..

    Here is a message for those nonunion folks who are looking for jobs: Don’t expect any help from President Obama. If there is any doubt about this, just examine the record.

    Starting with the president’s pending $447 billion “jobs” bill, Mr. Obama himself has repeatedly stated that his plan is to keep teachers, policemen and firefighters on the job and to provide money to put construction people to work. Now just what do these folks have in common? If you have not guessed it, they are all union members. As noted by The Washington Times in an Oct. 18 editorial titled, “Obama’s jobs bill mulligan,” there is no provision whatever for helping nonunion, private-sector workers. Mr. Obama does not try to hide this fact.

    Of the $825 billion stimulus package, more then half went to state and local governments to keep those unionized teachers, policemen and firefighters on the job.

    It should be obvious now that Mr. Obama’s grand scheme is to use taxpayer money to keep public-sector union members on the job so that they can continue to pay dues to their respective unions, who then will have the cash to make big contributions to Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign. It’s all a colossal scam to help get Mr. Obama re-elected.

    So the sad message is that those nonunion Americans looking for private-sector jobs will simply have to fend for themselves as far as Mr. Obama is concerned. In his eyes, those Americans just do not count because they do not pay the union dues that translate in fat contributions to his campaign fund.

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    Obama to nonunion Americans: Get lost - Washington Times
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    I was going to disagree with your premise, but I see you're quoting the Washington Times, so it's their premise I'm disagreeing with. According to the recovery.gov website, Breakdown of Funding,

    Note that these are allocations, much of the allocated funding hasn't been spent, but I don't know of any allegations that funds not allocated have been spent.

    Education is $87.1B and public safety is $4.1B. Not all of that goes to state and local governments to spend on teachers, police, and firefighters, but I don't see any funds in other categories that would. So it seems that substantially less than a tenth of the money allocated is in categories which could go to the use you say. I don't see how "more than half" could have actually been spent.

    Where's the help for workers in the private sector? How about tax incentives in the amount

    - $7.1B for manufacturing and industry

    - $36.9B for tax incentives, mainly for hiring new workers

    - $104.1B for "making work pay" credits to working taxpayers

    So less than a fifth of the funds you and the Washington Times claim were spent on unions were even allocated in the relevant categories. Furthermore, there were substantial funds allocated targeted to workers in private industry. Rebuttal?

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