Obama says NO to THOUSANDS of new American private sector JOBS--

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    Obama, Harper show no budge on pipeline dispute - Boston.com

    This pipeline has been studied for the last 3 years--to insure that it would be enviromentally friendly. What a sleeze bag of a President--again cowering to the EPA--while he continues his class-warfare campaign. Claiming he wants private sector job growth in this country and then blocks this deal--which would have created thousands of private sector jobs--(at no cost to the taxpayers of this country.)

    Shovel ready tomorrow--while he campaigns about shovel ready taxpayer funded projects that do not exist--and while he has continually stated we need to get away from middle eastern dependency of oil. Here we have a friend in Canada- (whom Obama just blew off)- that has now decided to start construction on a pipeline headed west so they can sell their oil to China.

    This is the height of hypocrisy from this administration. It is clear what Obama really wants-is to continue his class warfare campaign--raising taxes-more spending so he can continue on his path of expanding the size--scope and expense of the Federal Government--aka socialist policies. Real private sector job growth would inhibit his goal of accomplishing that.

    Don't tell me Obama isn't a socialist. He is.

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